Signing My Life Away, Part II: The Scribblination

Still signing sig sheets. Be back Monday.

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  1. So, what did you do for Krissy yesterday, since it was Sweetist Day (which is, admittedly, a Hallmark Holiday, and not a real holiday. but still.)

    The managers at my part-time job brought in cupcakes for their employees for Sweetist Day, which I thought was very nice. (and unexpected, to boot!)

  2. Is this supposed to be a romantic song? It sounds upbeat, but then the lyrics sound ambiguous toward the relationship in question, even suspicious. It seems this “book” is about how he has been wronged and he’s taking a look at whether he should be in this relationship at all. My friend and her husband used it as their first wedding dance, and that just always seemed wrong to me.

  3. I don’t remember that video at all. Interesting.

    Kind-of prophetic, yes? Chuck and Di in a gone-flat relationship. Whod’a thought (at the time)?

  4. Mr Costello aka the Real Elvis is touring Australia at the moment – no band, just him and a lot of guitars for two hours (once you get past the bland support act). He played ‘Every Day I Write the Book’ and said it was a song he’d hated until Ron Sexsmith showed him how to do it properly. Strange … good gig, though. First one I’ve been to for a while that didn’t involve drug sniffer dogs.

  5. Strangely enough, I find myself reading “I’m signing my life away” to the tune of “I’m sleeping my day away”

  6. I would be curious as to how many movies one could watch while signing thousands of papers…

    I am also curious to know what movies were watched during the marathon signing session besides Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    I used to watch a combination of Election, Toy Story, Toy Story2, High Fidelity, Rushmore, Almost Famous, and The Seventh Seal while performing tasks that didn’t require my full attention.


  7. froonium@#9: Why didn’t I think to link to youtube for the song I thought of?

    Well, better late than never.

  8. When you get to mine for God Engines would you draw a little cartoon or add some witty saying.

  9. Nikitta@#14

    Meh, it happens to the best of us every now and then.

    Big thanks for linking! A band I’ve never heard before is always good.

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