Still Can’t Brain Today

Man, some days are just like that. So in lieu of actual brain thought thingies, two notes and a totally deep thought.

* Over at Omnivoracious, Jeff VanderMeer interviews Bill Schafer, publisher at Subterranean Press. I get mentioned in passing, and the old cover of The God Engines gets shown off.

* Hey, you know where I’m going to be on Friday? Cleveland, that’s where. And what will I be doing there? I’ll be here, to see these guys. You should go too. Here’s where you can buy tickets.

* And now your totally deep thought: Are there such things as ghost zombies? Because if there are, like, whoa, man.

That’s all I got.

Not a Single Thought In My Head So Far Today

And believe me, I’ve checked.

So, uh. Yeah. What’s up with you?