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A couple of people today have asked me whether they missed the announcement that I had installed a new version of Whatever to be read on mobile devices. The answer is no, you haven’t, because I wasn’t aware that there was a new mobile version of Whatever. But there is, apparently, thanks to the folks at, who blog about adding the mobile themes here. So if you’re looking at the site via your iPhone or BlackBerry or whatever mobile thingie you use, it’ll be stripped down and somewhat easier to navigate through. There’s also an option to look at the full site, however, if you liked it the way it was.

So, apologies for the surprise, but, well. It was a surprise to me, too. That said, I found it the Whatever easier to read on my phone earlier today, so I’ll be keeping that turned on for now. Naturally, those of you accessing the site on your standard computers or via RSS will not care about any of this. Until you visit the site on your mobile. And then you will be delighted.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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yub yub! doan putcha iphone inna tub!

I’ve never had a lot of trouble accessing the site from my mobile. Every now and then if you had posted a video or one of those audio clips my device would squawk at me, but nothing major. I’ll have to check it out, see what the differences are.

Use no/low VOC paint. No fumes because no volatile organic compounds. Never paint your house with smelly paint again. Really. The fumes (volatile organic compounds) get sucked into the carpet and upholstery in your house and take years to get out. Not healthy.

I usually read Whatever on my phone using a Google reader app, but I went over to have a look.

I wasn’t that delighted, to be honest. I don’t like the fact that the mobile version only gives you the headings of the posts and you have to click through to find out what they’re about (I don’t religiously read all the comment threads. Bite me). I don’t know about iphones, but in my android phone the main reading column of the full version is sized just right to scroll down and read the text without being bothered by the sidebar columns, so it’s easy to read anyway.

So I have to say I’ve turned off the mobile version. Sorry.

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