Daily Archives: October 22, 2009

In the Lair Of the Semi-Geek

I’m upgrading the laptop to Windows 7 at the moment, but clearly can’t be away from the Internets during the upgrade lest I burst into flame, so while the upgrade is doing its thing, I’m online with the netbook. And I took the picture on my phone, which I then used to upload it to […]

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In Which Athena Assumes I Am Watching Something From The Onion, And Yet I’m Totally Not

Me: [Clicks on a YouTube video from Fox News complaining about how the White House doesn’t think it’s a real news station] Athena (not watching but listening as she plays the Wii): Are you watching something from that fake news channel again? Me: (pause, then) What makes you think that? Athena: Well, just listen to […]

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Note on Handcrafted Spam

So, either spammers are hiring people to glance at entry headlines and then post four-word comments vaguely related to the topic, or their contextual analysis is getting better. Either way, there’s been an uptick in spam getting past Askimet today, obliging me to zap it when it comes along. If you happen to run across […]

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The Coolness of Science Fiction

Someone asked me the question: “Was science fiction ever cool?” and in my AMC column this week I answer, in detail, with telling examples. And because I will have settled this eternally burning question, we can now focus our energies on more important things, like curing cancer and finally creating the Apple tablet computer. Some […]

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Living Like Fitzgerald

With a hat tip to the estimable Walter Jon Williams, I point you in the direction of this article, which examines the tax returns of one F. Scott Fitzgerald, of whom you may have heard, over the length of his writing career from 1919 through 1940. It turns out that during those years, Fitzgerald more […]

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