Zeus the Cat Wonders Idly What His Idiot Human Is Doing At the Window

Don’t we all, Zeus. Don’t we all.

26 Comments on “Zeus the Cat Wonders Idly What His Idiot Human Is Doing At the Window”

  1. You’re not an idiot John. You’re a good slave to our feline overlords. Now go make the cats some bacon.

  2. All cat’s spend the vast majority of their time wondering what the idiot humans are doing, why the idiot human isn’t doing as they are told when they are explaining it so clearly, what the hell the idiot human is thinking of and why the idiot human hasn’t shared that delicious looking slab of meat.

  3. Gas BBQ….. John I am shocked an appalled! It seems insane that a Limey like myself should be schooling you in such matters but natural charcoal both tastes better and is the real test of a man’s grill skills!

    Zeus agrees with me, just look at the disappointment written all over his face.

  4. John,

    Apologies for my assumption! Your lovely wife may be the misguided one, or even Athena! :)

    Zeus remains disappointed at the whole family though.

  5. Zeus, as much as he tries, hasn’t mastered the whole “Make humans explode by thought alone” trick work. Yet.

  6. John Scalzi does not grill? GASP! Representatives will be over shortly to revoke your man card.

  7. My husband doesn’t grill either although he would probably grill meat if I asked, but I like grilled veggies, too so that task falls on me.

  8. I know about charcoal. I’ve done charcoal grilling. I have a gas grill because I’m impatient.
    Someday, though, I want a Kamado.

  9. I like our two-sided grill. I can have my grilled whatever that doesn’t taste like Burned, and my guests can have their charcoaly meat however they like it. Personally, I think grilled pierogies are the bomb.

  10. wow. chang who is not chang hasn’t been in yet to gently chastise scalzi for posting this picture and not a picture of her imminently beautiful and intriguingly profound lovliness? i’m shocked. shocked i say. *faints*

  11. Charcoal is for wimps. My grandpa would grill by taking a half-dozen good sized logs, getting a fire going at about 8 AM, and by about noon he’d have a good bed of hot coals for his asado.

    Me, I’m lazy, so it’s gas all the way…

  12. Hmm, the statement “charcoal is for wimps” can only be made by someone whose never made his own charcoal.

    Neither have I, of course. I’m just sayin’.

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