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Physics Puppets!

You folks may remember last year when Whatever’s Favorite Physics Professor™ Chad Orzel ran a charity drive for science classes on his site, and promised to dance like a monkey if his monetary goals were met. They were, and he did. Well, he’s doing another drive this year, and his drive is backed by Hewlett-Packard, which is awesome.

But Chad is ambitious, and wants to take as much of Hewlett Packard’s contribution as possible, and means garnering a few more donations from ordinary mortals such as ourselves. And to entice you, this is what’s Chad’s offering this year:



If the Uncertain Principles share of the HP contribution is greater than 1% of the total, I will recreate the famous Bohr-Einstein debates about quantum measurement, in puppet show form, and post video of it on the blog.

Yes, that’s right: Einstein. And Bohr. In puppet form. Talking quantum physics. You know you want it.

Here are all the details. There’s a time limit on this — HP will be allocating their contributions on Sunday — so you know what to do. And puppets shall be your reward. Works for me.

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