Oh, Yeah –

No real updating today because I’m traveling. Sorry.

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  1. Geez, John, thanks a lot, I’m completely bored at work & was expecting you to entertain me all day.

    I shall storm off in a huff, now, muttering to myself about people being such a disappointment.

  2. I see. You have time to Twitter sweet bromantic nothings to WilW, but not entertain your minions. And have lunch with JoCo, but not entertain your minions. … Fair enough.

  3. Since there’s no good place to post this, ANOTHER GREAT EPISODE OF SGU! Great CC job, Mr. Scalzi!

  4. Looking forward to your sudden but inevitable return!

    Oh, and @hugh 57: I lol’d at your first post. Fun with words is fun.

  5. Hey creative consultant for SG:U I was willing to suspend disbelief on quite a lot of minor technicalities and extremely nice (but improbable) conveniences but one thing in tonight’s episode I couldn’t and can’t quite figure out how to accept as plausible even in the stargate universe. What is the fuel source for the shuttle craft? More to the point you have this nice large shuttle that is all just people with no apparent fuel room and four large rockets attached to no apparent fuel source, rockets that I must add to make my objection more clear are clearly burning something, so not powered by a ZPM or something similar. This means that even given anti-hydrogen and hydrogen stored in full metallic state you would still need quite a large storage area, such an area is not there on the shuttle craft. Anything more exotic then that and using a flame just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  6. I never thought about the shuttle craft’s fuel source, but I wouldn’t mind if our friendly neighbourhood creative consultant made with the explainy on the ins and outs of flying though the surface of a star and what that achieves.
    (In other news I’ve nearly finished Ghost Brigades :D)

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