Physics Puppets!

You folks may remember last year when Whatever’s Favorite Physics Professor Chad Orzel ran a charity drive for science classes on his site, and promised to dance like a monkey if his monetary goals were met. They were, and he did. Well, he’s doing another drive this year, and his drive is backed by Hewlett-Packard, which is awesome.

But Chad is ambitious, and wants to take as much of Hewlett Packard’s contribution as possible, and means garnering a few more donations from ordinary mortals such as ourselves. And to entice you, this is what’s Chad’s offering this year:



If the Uncertain Principles share of the HP contribution is greater than 1% of the total, I will recreate the famous Bohr-Einstein debates about quantum measurement, in puppet show form, and post video of it on the blog.

Yes, that’s right: Einstein. And Bohr. In puppet form. Talking quantum physics. You know you want it.

Here are all the details. There’s a time limit on this — HP will be allocating their contributions on Sunday — so you know what to do. And puppets shall be your reward. Works for me.

12 Comments on “Physics Puppets!”

  1. Maia Rose – A queer FilAm SFF, hockey, food and beer loving geeky Chicago denizen who spends too much time on the internets. Good thing none of you can judge. On twitter as semirose spouting nonsense 20/7

    Man I bet my physics class would love it if I taught them concepts via puppet show.

  2. Maia

    Contribute a little, surround a flat screen with the trappings of a puppet show (curtains mostly) and show the You-tube to come! It’s just that easy!

  3. I have always loved puppet shows. I remember being 5 years old and begging for a kindergarten classroom because it had a stage for puppet shows in it.

    I also have this strange love of theoretical physics that most English teachers can’t understand (I was almost my university’s first English major/Physics minor until I found it would add a year to my graduation date).

    So to have something like this exist appeals to a part of me I’m likely not ready to come to grips with.

    Really, truly, honestly, thanks for sharing!

  4. Given Alton Brown’s success at explaining the biochemistry of food using puppets, M.A., I think you’re on to something.

  5. Pardon for the threadjack Mr. Scalzi, but are you going to continue your weekly posts for new Stargate Universe episodes? The fandom has been divided regarding possible bias against the female characters on the show and I’m curious about your take on it.

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