What I Did With My Friday

I drove up to Cleveland to hang out with these guys:

For those of you lamentably behind in your geek culture studies, the two fellows sitting on the couch are Paul & Storm, and the fellow lurking behind the couch is Jonathan Coulton, and their thing is to entertain the geekoidial masses with songs of mad scientists, sea captain’s wives and, of course, zombies. They gave a groovy show, which is to be expected, and aside from that were mad fun to hang about with otherwise. Also in the hangout crew: artist Len Peralta, who handed me a lovely kid’s book about zombies that he illustrated. Zombies! They’re everywhere, man.

Cleveland was a bit of a jaunt for a concert, but P&S&J were folks with whom I’ve been friendly with online and with whom I share a number of mutual friends, so it was time to close that loop, as it were, in do the “meet in real life” thing. And, well, you know. It’s not like I have a job or anything. So why not. It was time well spent, in any event. I’d make the drive again.

15 Comments on “What I Did With My Friday”

  1. O, Great Scalzi, what a great attempt to get all three of your feline overlords into one frame, with Ghlaghghee in the center and Zeus and LC on the left and right, respectively.

    The focus on your phone’s camera is so blurry, however, that one might think that these were not your feline overlords after all, but rather some geeky bards who tour the country singing strange songs.

  2. JoCo and Paul and Storm cause me great happiness. They are awesome people to geek out with!

    Geeking out with them is one of the things on my “OMG I can’t believe this is my life” list.

    Okay now, is it just my browser or did you do some pretty nifty font changes to your site? I want to say the font is Arno Pro or in the Arno family of fonts but I don’t think it is. It is very similar. I like it.

  3. Paul and Storm are awesome. We got them to play the IgNobel awards… I think it was last year. Coulton had to skip, due to having a new baby or some other such lame excuse.

  4. Oh woops, I was in error thinking you were seeing w00tstock… sorry about that. We saw Paul & Storm at w00tstock in LA on Wednesday night, and they were fantastic and hilarious!

  5. Well, heavens sakes, you could have stopped off for a couple of hours in Columbus for the really, really GREAT Ohio Valley Filk Festival’s 25th anniversary…

  6. Dear Mr. Scalzi.
    Can you speak to the rumor that the aforementioned and pictured JoCo and Paul and Storm will be headlining a cruise to Alaska next summer

    and that you and Wil Wheaton will be joining in the SS Nerdtanic on its jaunt… and that you will bring your very attractive wife along for the nerds to shyly oogle from afar?

  7. Womyn2me:

    1. Nope, can’t speak to it.

    2. If someone said to me, hey, would you and your wife like a free cruise to Alaska and all you have to do is be available to chat with other cruisegoers a couple of hours out of the day, I probably wouldn’t say “no.” But no one’s said such a thing to me yet.

  8. @Scalzi: You, sir, have an extra with in the fifth to last line. Sorry… I can’t help myself! ;-)

  9. It was a great show, even my distinctly non-Geek fiance had a great time.

    and more importantly… I got stickers!

  10. I saw the three of them in Symphony Space recently. I laughed so hard my side hurt for days. They are terrific entertainers.

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