Daily Archives: October 26, 2009

Apropos To An Apparently Disturbing Twitter Conversation

Don’t worry, this isn’t disturbing in itself. Unless sentient amphibians just plain freak you out. In which case: Flee now. Mmmmm. Debbie Harry.

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Wallpapery Shots

As a number of you have expressed an interest in having some of the photos from earlier today (and even before that) as computer wallpapers, I’ve created a Flickr set specifically for wallpaper-worthy shots of mine, so you can use them to your (non-commercial and personal) heart’s delight. The set is called “Wallpapery Shots” and […]

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And Now, Today’s Bit of Ambiguous Yet Uplifting Wisdom, From Athena, Age 10 and Five Sixths

Who informs me that she had the following epiphany today, at recess, whilst on the swings: Though the sun may rise And the sun may set There will always be light in the world. Think about that, why don’t you.

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Lopsided Cat Sits For His Annual Formal Portrait

At this time, he will not be entertaining questions from the media. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Even More October Pictures

Because my brain is apparently more visual than wordy today, that’s why.

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In which the grass is still green but the leaves and the corn have moved on. And in another week or so neither the leaves or the corn will be there anymore. It’s an in-between time, October is. Possibly why it’s my favorite month.

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