Apropos To An Apparently Disturbing Twitter Conversation

Don’t worry, this isn’t disturbing in itself. Unless sentient amphibians just plain freak you out. In which case: Flee now.

Mmmmm. Debbie Harry.

21 Comments on “Apropos To An Apparently Disturbing Twitter Conversation”

  1. I kept hoping that Kermit would join in on a little “Heart of Glass” during the skit.


  2. Yeah, all muppets are left-handed, on account of having the puppeteer’s right hand up their… well, you get the idea.

    Totally missed the twitter conversation, but I think I’m cool with that.

  3. Debbie Harry is not the last person I would expect to sing “Rainbow Connection”, but I would not connect her with that song automatically.

  4. 3. Tumbleweed – friends have a VHS collection of the best of The Muppet Show. I just checked Amazon – they have Seasons 1, 2 & 3; along with a ‘best of’ compilation on DVD.

    I loved The Muppet Show where Mark Hamill was the guest, along with Luke Skywalker, C3PO and R2D2. The ‘Pigs in Space’ segment was especially funny. :)

    One of the best episodes featured Elton John singing ‘Crocodile Rock’ with a bunch of Crocodiles. Sigh. Only on The Muppet Show.

  5. I remember my dad wondering why Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem didn’t insist on playing with Debbie (there was a weird blue-muppet backing band during her on-stage songs). Although, IIRC, Debbie and Janice had a skit together.

  6. @13. Steve.
    Only if you hadn’t the experience of being a hippy chick in the late 60’s. Ooops, showing my age here…

  7. Um, John? That was Debbie Harry. Applying perfume! In a DRESSING ROOM!
    You left out a significant number of ‘m’s from that ‘Mmmmm’ there, IMO.
    And on a related note, are you aware of an emoticon that indicates drooling?

  8. @11 BeVibe: The episodes are also available on DVD via Netflix. I’m watching season 1 right now. It’s mostly a nostalgic experience, but the show really was pretty funny and there was an amazing variety of guest stars.

  9. I actually remember watching Debbie Harry’s appearance on The Muppet Show when it aired.

    Sure, I was no more than two or three years-old, but Blondie was my dad’s favorite band, so she got a lot of airtime at home.

  10. The Rainbow Connection is the song I sing to my daughter every night before bed. The first verse, anyway; the later ones tend to devolve into “something, and something, and something else happens” because I can never remember the lyrics. They definitely dropped a verse here — I think the second of three.

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