Even More October Pictures

Because my brain is apparently more visual than wordy today, that’s why.

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  1. Gorgeous. I’m glad your brain is occasionally more visual than wordy, if this is what comes along.

    (I’m sure this has been addressed before, but what camera/lenses are you using to take these shots?)

  2. Have you ever thought of doing professional photography? Pictures 1,2, & 5 above show a great eye for composition and color, and you’ve posted a lot of others in the past just as good.

  3. Wonderful lovely photos! I agree with the above comment; most of the photos I’ve seen you post have been far better than your “average Joe” snapping away. Glad to see someone so well-rounded! ;D

  4. Lessee. Successful non-fiction writer. Successful fiction writer. Burgeoning TV career. Beautiful wife and daughter. Pretty and quirky pets. And a bloody good photographer.

    If you weren’t so gosh-darned likable, you’d be an easy man to hate.


  5. An artist will be an artist – living in FL doesn’t allow for much chance to see the seasonal transitions – Thank you.

  6. Keep this up, and we’ll have to nominate you for Best Fan Artist at the Hugos. You just need to Photoshop a dragon or a spaceship in there once in a while.

  7. 5th one down, with the silouhetted trunk and colorful leaves is especially gorgeous.

  8. It sure would be nice to experience the seasonal changes. Here just north of L.A. we know fall starts when the wind (lovely hot and dry Santa Ana winds) starts to kick up. They sweep right down the hills and across the entire valley. Naturally it gets very dry.

    Oh yeah, and then the hills burn.

    Repeat yearly.

  9. Agreed with all the above. Those are some gorgeous pictures. Even here in Dayton, they’re still pretty nice… but not quite as good as what you’ve captured here.

    Thanks for sharing these. It’s my first day back to work after a week off, and being in windowless rooms at work and school was starting to wear on me.

  10. All right, who’s job is it to rake those leaves when they start to fall? Or do you just leave them on the ground as mulch for next spring?

  11. This is the time of year when the season itself provides about a thousand answers to everyone who asks me, “You moved from Florida back to Ohio? Why?”

  12. Wow. Just wow.

    The one with the sun behind the tree is my favorite. That’s glorious.

    John, even if it’s just a hobby, you could have some of these shots up at the art show at a WorldCon. I’m not saying sell them, but…wow.

  13. I put one up as a temporary background- the liquidambars won’t be changing until December or so.

  14. The top and bottom shots remind me of opening sequences from certain halloween horror flicks.

    Don’t go too far into the corn…just…don’t.

  15. Gosh, you’re lucky. Your place is beautiful, your daughter is beautiful, your wife is beautiful, your fans … um … your wife is beautiful!

    Enjoy it!

  16. I’ve never lived in a place that did autumn colours. The joke around here is that our trees don’t drop their leaves, they shed their bark instead.

    Photos like these make me aware of what I’m missing.

  17. Awesome as I said before, certainly reminds of of Missouri.
    Looks like you live in a pretty rural area, I am curious how you are connected to the internets?

  18. God, but I miss the fall in Virginia. Not that the Central Valley just ain’t just the bomb to live in but other than the fruit trees and pollen so thick you can sneeze it out…..

  19. i have a thing for trees and your pics are simply stunning. thank you for sharing them. :)

  20. Thanks for posting these pictures. This year, I’ll be in a place with no foliage or fall, at least I have your pictures.

    People who don’t live in a place with 4 seasons miss out on how awesome autumn is.

  21. Any chance we could get bigger versions of these pics to use for wallpaper?

    Pretty please?

    With bacon on top?

  22. Now, that’s one thing I miss about living back East, that blue blue blue sky in fall. What? What color is the sky here? Gray. Ask any month except July, when it’s “Sun up too early! Bright!”

    And some people want to live without seasons! Why would anyone want to miss *that*?

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