Wallpapery Shots

As a number of you have expressed an interest in having some of the photos from earlier today (and even before that) as computer wallpapers, I’ve created a Flickr set specifically for wallpaper-worthy shots of mine, so you can use them to your (non-commercial and personal) heart’s delight. The set is called “Wallpapery Shots” and is available here. I’ll add other pictures to the set later. For maximum detail, of course, when you visit the picture you like, click on the “All Sizes” button (update: apparently you need a Flickr account to do access that particular button, sorry, but hey, it’s free! Update update: Just changed permissions so hopefully you won’t need to make a Flickr account) and then click on the link for the largest picture, then download. Most of the pictures are landscape orientation, but some are also portrait orientation (for those of us whose monitors swing that way). Enjoy.

17 Comments on “Wallpapery Shots”

  1. Oh, just wanted to note that you can view at all sizes if you sign into flickr/yahoo! but otherwise you’ll see the default size, which would make awfully small wallpaper.

    I may want to make some non-commericial art with your frozen tree shots. Dig that sort of thing.

  2. Just a side note and I am in no way inferring you should do this.

    But pic with a creative commons license have to all sizes option even if your not signed in.

  3. Wow that came out as a really horrible sentence.

    I meant to type:

    Pics with creative commons licenses have the “all sizes” option available even if you are not signed in.

  4. Actually, you only need a Flickr account if the owner of the Flickr content (that’d be you) hasn’t gone into their security settings and said to let anybody download the full-sized content. In Flickr, click You, Your Account, then Privacy and Permissions. Change the “who can download your stuff” to everybody, and you won’t be forcing people to get a Yahoo! account. :)

  5. Wow, breathtaking shots John! Thank you so much for sharing :) Thank you ALSO for adding some of your sunrise/sunset pictures! *glee*