Quick Win7 and BlackBerry 5.0 Updates

Earlier in the week I upgraded both my computers to Windows 7 and my BlackBerry Storm to the BackBerry 5.0 OS, so I thought I’d do a quick review of both.

And the review is: Hey, I like both just fine. They make sense, the make my electronic thingies run better, at least on the surface level on which I use them, and generally speaking they’re pretty and don’t break any of the programs I’m already using. I’m still in the process of learning the new Win7 navigation as regards the taskbar, but the learning curve isn’t steep. I like the new thing it does that rotates through my desktop pictures. As for the BlackBerry upgrade, now using my Storm doesn’t feel like pushing through molasses. And in both cases the new OS doesn’t get in my way when I want to do something.

So overall: Week full of upgrade win.

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  1. Remember when XP came out and replaced 2000 and ME? (The latter gives Microsoft developers giggles, so I think it was a practical joke on people hoping Windows 9X would last longer.)

    The is Vista’s XP, or rather XP service pack 1.

    You know. The version that works.

    And no IE6 to let Eastern Eurorpean hackers steal all your stuff.

  2. I ordered a new Dell with 7 – The Inspiron 11z, a sort of netbook/laptop hybrid. Have high hopes for it and am encouraged by your positive experience thus far.

    As far as phones go – googles new navigation app and the features of Android 2.0 make me think that will definitely be my next mobile OS.

  3. I just got a new pc this past weekend that has windows 7 and it seems to turn on/off much quicker than previous versions which I like. Only problem so far is Verizon. Their security suite is not compatible with windows 7 and it will be at least a month before it is.

  4. Win7 looks like it is a pretty big improvement over Vista, for sure, but I converted to Linux three years ago and haven’t looked back. If you feel adventurous, take an old computer and load Ubuntu on it.

    The thing I love most about Linux is that it doesn’t try to do anything for you, and you can make it do whatever you need it to with sufficient time, effort, and programming skills. Since switching, I’ve discovered that humans come in types: those who control their computers, and those who let their computer control them.

    And, since you started the topic, I’ll finish with a seasonal computer joke: Do you know why programmers confuse Halloween and Christmas?

    Because Oct 31 (octal) = Dec 25 (decimal).

  5. @stewartb

    The “Linux lets you control your computer while Windows controls you” line just doesn’t ring true to me, and tends to sound like someone attempting to feel superior over their OS choice. To me, spending all of that time and effort boning up my programming skill *is* being controlled by my computer. I don’t need to use my computer for a whole lot besides work, gaming, and internet snark, so I don’t see why I should have to learn Perl in order to do that.

    I think there’s a lot of value in learning to program, but if I’m spending more time programming my computer than using it, I may as well just give up. Programming isn’t something that everyone enjoys.

    I think Linux is just fine, but I can’t stand false dichotomies.

  6. You can control Windows just fine. It’s just that it takes a few hours to download all the proper software like Cygwin, Firefox, etc.

  7. stoolpigeon @ 3:

    I’m beginning to check out Android too, but after a year with an iPod Touch — and some faint hope that I can someday get an iPhone with a pay-as-I-go plan — I now have a minimum capabilities list. Mostly, that has to do with apps being available that are equivalent to the ones I have.

    I hope Android takes off, but suspect they’re going to have to start with mostly non-iPhone users. Because most iPhone users have a list like mine, but different in the particulars.

  8. I checked out a Storm2 in the store today. I’ll definitely be ordering one when my yearly discount becomes available next month.

  9. Good to hear – I got a copy of 7 in the mail yesterday, and I’m looking forward to spending a chunk of time this weekend upgrading from Windows XP 64 bit to 7.

    For all that I didn’t like Vista that much, Windows XP 64 had it’s own pain points – software missing for 64 bits, for one, and having to hack iTunes to get it to run.

  10. My wife hates her Storm from work, maybe the update will help.

    I’ve been using Windows 7 for a couple weeks. It’s nice enough. A couple things I’ve noticed work better than XP, and I’m getting used to the interface changes. (Helps that some of them are ‘inspired’ by OSX, which I’m familiar with.) (Also I never used Vista beyond a minute or two, so I know some of the changes actually happened then, but I’m just encountering them for real now.)

    Kevin S: You don’t actually have to program to use Linux, you know. ;P

  11. Oh, re: 64-bit. I spent a long time trying to install Win7 x64, and could not get it to work. It was obviously a driver problem, but the installer was entirely unhelpful as to what specifically was the problem, and nothing I tried worked. Eventually gave up and went with the 32-bit x86 version instead. Maybe in a year or so around the time of the annual Microsoft Reinstallation Dance I’ll give the x64 version a try again and see if newly available drivers help. (My computer is not that old, I built it a year ago and almost all the parts are from that time.)

  12. I have only a Dell Laptop running XP Pro SP3, which I purchased in June of 2006. After running little utility from Gibson Research called SecurAble, I found that the Max. Bit Length for my CPU is 32-bit, meaning I can’t run a 64-bit OS, which IMO would make an upgrade to Win7 pointless if I have to use the 32-bit version. Another program called Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor also informs me that my graphics adapter will not support Aero.

    Windows XP Pro works as well as any Windows box I’ve ever owned, so I say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (which is why I never “upgraded” to Vista). I also have Ubuntu 9.04 installed on a USB drive and that works pretty well as well, so I always have that, but like John, Ubuntu doesn’t really move me that much.

    Windows 7, I’m afraid, will just have to wait until I’m ready to buy a new computer.

  13. I have to agree with Hugh57. XP pro works just fine for me(1 desktop and 3 laptops) and I can’t see jumping through extra hoops for the privilege of using Windows 7.

    I’m not a Luddite or anything, I just prefer to wait until 8-12 months down the line when the first one or two service packs come out. (and you know that they will)

    On the other hand, I have an old IBM Aptiva running Windows 98 that I’ve been thinking of converting to Linux just to see what happens…

  14. Been on 7 for about as long as it’s been out in the world, starting the 6519 build. It’s worked for me very well apart from some interesting surround sound glitches. I have a full copy now and I’m going to install it on my primary system this weekend. That idea doesn’t worry me in the slightest mainly because I’m doing it on a brand new hard drive and keeping my old drive as a backup. I said I wasn’t worried not that I was stupid . . .

  15. I never use anything from my broadband provider. They’re there for one reason and one reason alone: Get me on the Internet. I’ll deal with the rest.

  16. I’m really liking the new 5.0 update for the Blackberry myself. It’s sharp, it feels faster, and man, I can actually *copy* without feeling like I’m completely grabbing the wrong thing.

    About the only thing I miss is that I used to be able to click on links in emails/SMSes and have them sent directly to the browser, but since the copy/paste works so much better, it’s a minor point.

    So yeah, I like it.

    Haven’t played with Win7 yet, but I keep hearing good things.