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Athena Swears That Any Rumor of Her Turning Into a Zombie Is Just That, a Rumor

Be that as it may, I am skeptical. And yes, a couple days early. Here in Ohio, they have “Beggars’ Night,” on the thinking that Halloween has been colonized by adults, who will have lots of drinks at their Halloween parties and then take to the road, not necessarily watching for tyke-sized ghosties and ghoulies […]

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The Big Idea: Diana Pharaoh Francis

From a small mud volcano in southeast Asia to the very end of the world? That’s quite a journey. But it’s the journey Diana Pharaoh Francis took in the process of writing Bitter Night, the first book in Francis’ new “Horngate Witches” series of fantasy novels. Along the way, Francis considers a new kind of […]

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Science Fiction and Best Picture Oscars

Over at the AMC column this week, I ask: What will it take for a science fiction film to actually win the Best Picture Oscar? The answer, I think, is provided by the recent example of fantasy’s first Best Picture winner, The Return of the King. Go on and find out how I reckon it […]

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