Athena At the Playground, 10/30/09

And yes, I’m enjoying this age while it lasts.


Ghlaghghee, Being Less Than Cooperative

Photographer Kyle Cassidy was here today to take photos of me in my natural habitat (i.e., my office), and naturally Ghlaghghee had to be part of that, as she is more famous than I. But that’s not to say she wasn’t sporting an attitude. Hey, it’s not easy being an Internet-famous cat.

It was lovely to see Kyle, who in addition to my space is photographing other science fiction writer offices for an update of this. I’ve seen some of the shots he took just of my office, and looking at them I realize when people say to me, “wow, you take great photos, you should go pro,” while they’re being flattering, it’s pretty clear the difference between what I do and what someone like Kyle does. I think I’ll keep my day job.

Here’s a Question For You Movie Buffs

Not to stump you, but because I genuinely don’t know the answer and wonder if one of you does:

Who is the youngest person to win an Academy Award not in an acting category? Discount also the recipients of the Academy’s Juvenile Award, as they were all also actors.

At the moment, for youngest winner in a non-acting Oscar category, I suspect the answer is Markéta Irglová, who won the Best Original Song Academy Award four days before her 20th birthday.

Anyone else got a different answer? Let me know.