Happy Halloween

Hope your day is spooktacular, and whatnot. Larger versions of the spooky corn picture above available here.

Also, Kyle Cassidy recounts his visit to the Scalzi Compound yesterday, here, and includes a couple pictures, including one of me and the dog. If you’re a Kodi fan, you know what to do.

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  1. According to Kyle: “…he lives like a feudal lord on the same amount of property that comprises a New York city block.” [Emphasis mine]


  2. How big is the Scalzi Compound anyway? I don’t think I have ever seen it stated anywhere.

  3. As I said in Kyle’s journal, well, damn. That’s a compound. How long does it take to mow that thing?

  4. I love Kodi’s white socks. She’s a darned nice looking dog. And you aren’t so bad, either. I hope your father-in-law never goes on strike and quits mowing your lawn. You’d be back to native prairie in no time.

    Kyle is one swell photographer.

    Kodi Appreciation Society

  5. I hope everyone is having a Happy Holloween!!
    I dug out a pair of B.D.U.’s for a Holloween party I’m going to tonight (I’m going as G.I. Joe). After the party we are all going on the French Quarter Haunted Graveyard Tour here in New Orleans. It should start around midnight. There’s no place like New Orleans for Holloween!!! (I wonder if Neil Gaiman will be in St. Louis #1 graveyard tonight!!! :) )

  6. Being I lifelong Eastcoaster, I must confess I do not understand these large Midwestern houses built in the middle of fields. That house is naked! It needs to become respectable and grow a forest now!

    I understand that deserts don’t have trees, but not having them somewhere they could grow just seems wrong.

  7. Mind you, Halloween is one of those times when it can be advantageous to live in a dense area. My kids visited scores of houses before the rain got too bad, all while walking from our house in an area that could fit in its entirety within the Scalzi compound.

    In contrast, the nearest neighbors to my wife when she was growing up were the folks on the next farm, 1 mile down the road. They didn’t bother with the traditional trick-or-treating.

  8. I was going to ask if you’d lost weight, but realized that might be a little up in your business. So instead I’ll just say the picture looks quite nice.

    And Kodi is making a great face there.

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