Change In Plan

Sick. Wife also sick. Skipping wedding so as not to make bride and groom and attendees sick. Worst November 1st ever.

As you were.

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  1. That’s what you get from hanging around with zombies.

    Also, before you change into one and lose all higher cognitive functions, the blog software apparently didn’t register the DST switch-off last night. Or we’re all posting from the future!

  2. Romeo@3

    In John’s case, maybe. In Krissy’s, probably not.
    Notice Athena seems not to be included in the illness zone. Candy is not indicated as a causal or common infection point.

    The weather is unsettled and changeable this time of year. Ohio, more than most. I don’t know about all the rest of you, but my wife and children seem to get a one or two day malady when the temp and barometric pressure jump around like it has been the past few days. My house has inhabitants laying about in various levels of blah today while I’m tasked with the job of going out to the store for various comfort foods and medical infusions. I think the comfort foods are the real reason and the “got to have” medicines are just a blind.
    Still, I go, as that is in my “being the Dad” life time contract I was happy to sign.

    Get better soon guy’s. Stay as warm and comfy as possible.

  3. Drink lots of fluids. I hope it’s just a regular virus and not the revenge of the bacon kind.

  4. I knew you were a mensch. And the reason I know this is because A) you are a thoughtful considerate person who doesn’t want to share germs and B) you don’t trespass on your daughter’s hard-earned Halloween candy and tax it or claim it while you have the ability to get your own.

  5. Hey, hope you feel better. The cold-type bugs that have been going around this fall suck out loud.

  6. Dude, you totally missed out! Don’t you know that the sooner/more people you infect, the quicker you get better? A wedding = perfect opportunity. Think of the Schadenfreude!

  7. oh man – serious bummer.

    If Kyle Cassidy is sick (or any Ohio Author he was visiting the past week), you know who to blame for the contagion.

  8. Too bad you’re sick. Oddly enough, we were at a wedding 10/31, and we’re getting married in about a month–and NOT on our first choice for day (the other days were already filled up).

    I think fall weddings are the new thing. Don’t tell anyone.

  9. A friend swears by drinking lots of Vodka. It’s a liquid, and it helps you not care if you’re sick.

  10. Sorry to hear that, but I’m sure your by-now-married friends are grateful for your consideration.

    Is it better or worse when you’re both sick at the same time? (Assuming Krissy *is* staying home.) And how do you avoid spreading the germs to Athena: are you both wearing HazMat suits (or is she?)?

    If there is any upside at all to being unemployed, it is that I’m not exposed to nearly as many germs as I otherwise would be. However, I have to say, it’s not nearly as consoling as one would think.

    Hope Chez Scalzi fully recovers soon!

  11. On behalf of the other people of the world, thank you for your decision to refrain from being a disease vector. It’s the Right Thing to do.

    Best wishes for speedy recovery. Whatever you do, never, ever write lucid fever-dreams into febrile fiction. It only sounds like fun.

  12. So while Krissy and you are sick in bed, Athena gets to eat cereal for dinner, has total control of the TV remote, and chooses her own bedtime, right?

    And the downside to this is…?

  13. I would second the vodka nomination, but amend the proposal to include Nyquil. It is an excellent mixer as well. A ratio of about 1:1 is good. Do a couple shots with the wife, sleep. If still sick when you wake up, repeat the procedure.

  14. Being a solipsist, I believe you to be a highly entertaining creation of my mind. And, though I may be apologizing to myself, my profound apologies for unintentionally rendering you ill. I will spend some time visualizing you well.

    [thinks “get well”]

    I do feel a bit better. I think I’ll reflect on the pleasures of Oreos for a bit.

  15. John,

    Thanks for deleting it. I may be a bot myself, but I’m sure I’d pass the turing test with a few days cramming.

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