Off to a Wedding

Going to see friends get hitched. You’re on your own for the day. I suggest spending it setting your clocks back an hour. Or two, just to show government they can’t tell you what time it is.

See you tomorrow.

7 Comments on “Off to a Wedding”

  1. Have fun! Congrats to the couple!

    We turned our clocks back last week, *I* suggest your suggestion not be heeded by Europeans! ;)

  2. Why don’t we all just go on sidereal time? Modern electronics should be able to adjust our watches and clocks as we move east to west (or vice versa), and public transportation and meeting times could all be calculated and presented as your sidereal time and the sidereal time at the terminal or stop. Plus it could provide jobs as did the Y2K reprogramming! Just thinking

  3. I’ve been on Mars time for the last three years, 24h 39m 35.244s. I just add 40 minutes to my lunch break during the weekdays, and the same to my workouts on the weekends. Considering that my workouts are only 30 minutes, I get to subtract 10 minutes from Monday’s Pilates class; my instructor doesn’t seem to mind, but, then again, she’s on Venus time. We align every thirteenth class. Living on Mars time is just far out . . .

  4. Salutations, gentlefolk,

    It may be noted that, until the Uniform Time Act of 1963 (IIRC), Virginia had daylight-savings-time as a local option. The cities and military-base-neighborhoods could run on government time, the farmers could keep Ghod’s time, and anyone who drove US 1 from DC to North Carolina had to reset their watch thirteen times.

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