Daily Archives: November 2, 2009

Booklist Review of The God Engines

It’s out, and while it like the Publishers Weekly review is a bit spoilerish of a plot point I want you to be surprised by and so I won’t quote it at length (I have accepted that most reviews will reveal this plot point, as it comes early in the novella), nevertheless here’s a nice […]

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One Of Those Questions I Wish SF Geeks Would Simply Get Over

It’s the one where SF geeks wring their hands over mainstream acceptance of their favorite genre. Please, please, please: Stop. Points: 1. When the goddamned President of the United States makes Vulcan salutes and is photographed quite unselfconsciously whipping a lightsaber about on the White House lawn, you have won. 2. The POTUS being a […]

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Sickness Update, 11/2/09

How close we got to going to the wedding yesterday: here you see the clothes we were going to wear, all laid out. But then it became apparent that traveling anywhere was not going to be so great for us, nor possibly for the folks around us when we got to the wedding. It was […]

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