Sickness Update, 11/2/09

How close we got to going to the wedding yesterday: here you see the clothes we were going to wear, all laid out. But then it became apparent that traveling anywhere was not going to be so great for us, nor possibly for the folks around us when we got to the wedding. It was more than mildly depressing.

The good news is that both of us are feeling a bit better, which leads us to suspect that it was not flu but possibly something we ate being slightly botulicious and knocking us on our ass for the day. Then again, Athena had been under the weather a couple of days ago, so it still might have been something infectious, perhaps with just a touch of food poisoning to tip us over the edge. In any event, neither Krissy nor I am at 100%. But at least we’re not at the “stand up and feel the need to sit down again” stage anymore. Lots and lots and lots of sleep yesterday helped, too.

For a really excellent picture of the wedding we missed, well: Look here. It was gorgeous, the bride was gorgeous, and the groom wasn’t bad looking either. Very sad not to have been there. But again, I don’t think the wedding party would have appreciated a possible gift of infectious disease, especially as bride and groom were on their way off to a honeymoon. We will see them elsewhere and share our happiness (and not our viruses) with them then. I assume our gift will still make it, however; Amazon will see to that.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who wished us to feel better. We’re getting there.


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  1. Looks the wedding was a little chilly. So, it’s probably for the best that you missed it and didn’t, as my grandmother used to say, “die from freezing your damned giblets off.”

    Feel better soon.

  2. Dunno, John. It might have still be a bug. From my acquaintances, I’ve been noticing two sets of symptoms in our area (Dayton/Columbus/Cincy): Big, week-and-a-half long bouts of superflu or suddenly feeling “under the weather” to some degree for about 48 hours. (I had the latter.) Both seem to be infectious, but there’s too many other variables to tell if they’re actually two sets of germs.

    So my guess is that you probably weren’t “just” playing it safe.

    Hope you all feel even better soon.

  3. I’m sorry you missed your friends’ wedding. That’s never fun.

    There does seem to be something of a stomach component to the bugs going around this fall–we’ve had a lot of cases of “cold that feels like maybe food poisoning” out my way (DC). Here’s hoping the bug bugs off with all due speed.

  4. Had that happen to me two weeks ago (on my vacation!).

    I caught a cold/flu and I had plans for the wednesday of my vacation to see the Canadian Opera Company’s performance of “Madama Butterfly”. On the wednesday I was feel at least three kinds of crappy and decided that driving for 45 mins to 1.5 hours to see three hours of opera and then driving 45 mins to 1.5 hours back would not be a good thing.

    Kind of sucked as I was looking forward to it. That is also $68.00 (Cdn) that I won’t seeing again anytime soon.


  5. Yikes! Speaking as a newlywed, it’s a shame you couldn’t make it but definitely for the best. We had several guests who were feeling under the weather but still HAD to be there. My wife and I had to find a doctor on our honeymoon. We’re STILL recovering from that bug three weeks later.

    We said we’d be together in sickness and in health. So far we’ve only been married in sickness!

  6. That’s 2/3 of the band Tricky Pixie there, BTW – S.J. Tucker on guitar, Betsy Tinney on Cello. S.J. wrote and performed an original work just for Cat and D entitled Wild Things

    The vows contained, but were not limited to “The Declaration of Unity” by John M. Ford which you should all read because it’s probably one of the best set of vows you’ll ever read, especially if you’re a F/SF fan.

    There was meat and vodka, and we blew out the sound system. Rose (7th on the left, standing directly behind SJ) says you were missed as well. Doesn’t she look hot in a suit? We’re going to have to buy more.

  7. I’m glad you guys are past the “sit right back down” stage and on the way to recovery cause, well, cause I don’t like knowing friends, even indirect ones, are sick and down.

    I’m glad Josh mentioned the musicians. I was thinking how cool is it to have a cello, guitar and TWO harps at your wedding.
    Congrats and felicitations to the happy couple.

    Love, laugh or cry, it’s always easier as a couple.

  8. Honestly, it is probably best that you didn’t go. That skirt is all wrong for your feet. I know I have my little, social hangups, but John, at least consider not going with the open-toe pumps.

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