Testing An Embedding Thing — With Weezer!

Let’s see if this works:

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3817275&w=425&h=350&fv=videoId%3D47103025001%26linkBaseURL%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fmusic.aol.com%252Fvideo%252Fif-youre-wondering-if-i-want-you-to-i%252Fweezer-featuring-sara-bareilles%252Fbc%253A47103025001%26playerID%3D10032373001%26domain%3Dembed%26]

Also, Sara Bareilles is talented and cute, but I question her choice of legwear, which appears to be a skort. Grownups should not wear skorts. I HAVE SPOKEN.

58 Comments on “Testing An Embedding Thing — With Weezer!”

  1. Worked for me. One mildly annoying thing is that the video wouldn’t start playing until the buffer loaded the entire clip. So I had to delay my gratification for about 14 seconds. Fortunately just a hair under my 16 second limit, or else there would have been HELL to pay.

  2. It doesn’t work for me, but that seems to be because I’m in the UK, not anything to do with your embedding skills.

    (Although I am now feeling ever-so-slightly deprived and excluded. *sob*)

  3. Grownups should not wear skorts. I HAVE SPOKEN.

    Well then, man, don’t drive by any golf courses on ladies league day. Because the rampant disregard of your edict will make your head asplode.

  4. It didn’t look like a skort to me, just a regular skirt.

    Also, I am very surprised at how much I liked that song, considering how long it’s been since I liked anything Weezer did. I mean, it’s not amazing, but every time the chorus kicks in it seems to make up for everything less than perfect about the rest of the song.

  5. Not working for me: in US, using Firefox w/NoScript, blocking most cookies. I even tried allowing all scripts on page and accepting all cookies. That at least allowed me to see the swirly loading throbber, but not the video. I am behind a firewall, but it usually doesn’t cause embedding stuff to fail. I even tried IE, but all I get there is “The video you are trying to watch is currently unavailable.”

  6. I’m an American living in Germany and every time I see that message about how the video I’m trying to view can’t be seen in my region, A LITTLE PIECE OF MY SOUL DIES.

    Just so you know. A bit of my soul blood is now on your hands. It’s sticky. Better go wash up.

  7. Seconding Ben’s comment above – the embedded video doesn’t load at all in the RSS feed (at least through Google Reader).

  8. Oh, now that I played it in Safari, it has shown up embedded in Firefox, too. No doubt your legions of lurkers have brought the AOL server to its knees. (grin)

    Dr. Phil

  9. Ugh. Yet another video standard to try and track. Yet another decision we content end users have to make: “Is this embedded module safe, or is it going to turn my workstation into a spam zombie?”

    (I know THIS one is safe, but not all are . . . )

    What with all the scams and malware dropper sites in the world using video enticements to fool people into downloading their Trojans . . . I highly recommend limiting your embedded media to one or two very well known sources, like YouTube and one other.

  10. Of a given value of works. It’s there, but so slow I got bored and didn’t bother to wait on it to load. Perhaps you have Scalzified it?

  11. Safari 4.0.3 running inside Mac OS X 10.5.8
    Works fine.
    Skort would combine two words, “skirt” and ?

  12. I flaunt my skort, flaunt it I say! But only in summer. (They work better when no one knows — that is to say, the skirt part wraps all the way around. Then they don’t ride up or twist sideways, but also you don’t look like you’re wearing such a hybrid. Nor do you flash dudes.)

    It works for me. I’ve watched it TWICE now and am still unable to identify the skort!

  13. (I forgot to mention, in my flurry of defense of questionable fashion choices — it’s working for me in both Safari and Firefox.)

  14. I have to say that my wife looks quite fetching in her skort. Especially when she’s doing something sporty.

    Plus it’s fun to say three times quickly. (Sporty skort, sporty skort, sporty skort).

  15. Works fine on Safari 4.0.3 on OS X 10.6.1, but I did need to let it all load before it would play.

    I can’t tell if it’s a Skort or not, but she’s cute and the song is a lot of fun.

  16. U.S. – Firefox 3.5.4 – Win Xp Pro. Worked okay. Waiting for it to load the buffer took longer than expected and the video was a little jerky, but that’s most likely due to Windose and Threatfire both downloading updates at the same time. Fun little ditty though.

  17. curatoria – I've spent my career in museums from Nottinghamshire to the London Borough of Brent and now in Kent. I'm driven by the belief that museums can open doors and give people the most special of experiences.

    I’d love to have an opinion on the skort but in UK so can’t see.

  18. You are permitted to complain about skorts when you start wearing kilts on a regular basis. Skorts are really, really nice.

  19. notTHATcher, I was just coming to complain about that. What makes Rivers so special he gets to sentence his band to ugly tracksuits while he gets to look cute and sing with a cute girl?

    Obviously, the video worked for me (firefox 3.5.4) and now I want the song on an album.

    Andrew @ 7, have you heard Alone or Alone II: the home recordings? some of it is drek but there’s a surprising number of fun/awesome songs that Cuomo recorded at his home studio, and it totally filled the Weezer shaped void that Maladroit and Make Believe left in my heart. (That being said, I still hope to get the red album and Raditude for Christmas)

  20. Works in Firefox 3.5.4 on OS X 10.5.8. However, it doesn’t show up in the RSS feeds.

    There’s nothing wrong with telling readers to click through to the site, but we’ll not know a video even exists unless we’re told.

  21. Man I love Weezer. The Red Album: Highly underrated, not just in the Weezer panthenon, but, as a great rock album. Can’t wait for Raditude. This was a great version of this song.

  22. Works for me after enabling vodpod.com in NoScript. (Firefox 3.5.3). Viewing the main whatever site, not the RSS.

    As far as Ms Bareille’s attire, I have more trouble with her color-mismatched boots than with the skirt. No indication that it’s a skort to me. Skorts usually have slitted sides, which I didn’t see in the video.

  23. Chrome in Canada: works fine.

    And I think her skort is awkward. Is seems to bunch up, like those puffy shorts they used to wear in renaissance time.

  24. Skorts: I live in a hot, hot place. Skorts are a lot more flattering than most shorts. (No, really, when you see what people try and wear in the name of shorts… the skort is a definite improvement.) But I agree with Mac that the skirt part has to go all the way around or it’s dorky.

    Running Vista (hack, ptui) and using Google Chrome; the video ran just fine.

  25. coo1b1ue – Vermont – I'm a software engineer within the aerospace industry as well as a father of four (mostly) grown children, one of which served in Iraq (OIF2) as a combat medic.

    OK so I’m using Internet Exporer 8. It works fine in the 32-bit browser but not at all in the 64-bit browser.

    But I’ve already run into this with flash-player. There isn’t a 64-bit version yet.

  26. Firefox 3.5.4 on Win7. It played for me here in California. I did have to wait for the whole thing to buffer, and I was not able to put it in fullscreen mode. When I went to the site that’s actually hosting it, I was able to play it full screen but still had to wait.

  27. I have Vista Ultimate 64 running Firefox 3.5.4 and NoScript allowing only Scalzi.com & WordPress.com (of the domains listed for this page) and the video played just fine. I saw this post in my Google Reader but I went to the website because embedded things usually work better that way. I had to wait for the whole video to download before it started to play.

    I have to say that while Ms. Bareilles is a fine singer and songwriter, her fashion sense is not all that. I couldn’t confirm she is wearing a skort in the video but whatever you want to call it, “flattering” isn’t it. And the chunky boots just look dorky.

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  29. I had to look up “skort”. It seems to be just like a skirt (which is what it looked like), except more modest. Tennis and golf players wear them for that reason.

    So you’re opposite me – I don’t mind it if a little girl’s panties are seen – but for adults, the extra modesty of a skort seems more appropriate.

  30. I crashed madly in Opera, Firefox and Safari on a Mac. Had to re-install Firefox and can now see that the video is not available in Germany. Still crashes my Google Reader, though.

  31. Thoughts:

    1. I watched this and then the official music video for the song, and I have to say I think the version with Sara Bareilles is quite a bit better.

    2. I’m sorry, I didn’t notice if she had a skirt or a skort on. I was too distracted by the insanely cute wrinkle she gets when she scrunches up her nose.

  32. I just tried out the link at home on my Mac using Firefox and Snow Leopard. It worked fine, as it did at work this morning using Firefox and XP.

  33. for some reason, it amuses me that Rivers is starting to show a bald spot at the back of his head – and I agree with the last post – this is a much better version than the one on the album (and I liked that version just fine).

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