I’m doing an interview about communities online. Which means I’M TOTALLY TALKING ABOUT YOU.

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  1. I’m not sure I can handle the pressure of all this attention. Don’t mention me.

    No wait go ahead.

    No wait don’t.

  2. Be honest, just not too honest.

    On/off topic: Can you imagine Heinlein doing what John Scalzi does? Having access to a writer that you really like is so cool. Learning what kind of group a writter keeps about him is also telling. This group really does have a nice feel to it. I thank the host.

  3. Did you mention that everyone that disagrees with you is an idjit? I think that’s an important point to make.

  4. What, precisely, does WIN smell like? It’s become so familiar that I can’t smell it anymore.

  5. I would totally read Heinlein’s blog, though I fear it would consist entirely of poorly-constructed and horribly misspelled ramblings on the tastiness of cerebral matter.

  6. John, if the writer you were speaking to was named Ron, the article will definitely be online; we’ll be happy to send you a direct link when it goes live. (I’m an editor for the magazine he’s writing for.) If it is the article I’m thinking of, thank you so much for being a part of it!

  7. Annalee Flower Horne @ 15 What, precisely, does WIN smell like? It’s become so familiar that I can’t smell it anymore.

    I think I may still have a WIN button from back in the Ford administration, but I don’t recall if it smelled.

  8. “Done now. I said that you were all lovely people who smelled of lilacs and WIN.”

    Do we want to know how long you’ve been sniffing us? This isn’t a fetish thing, is it?

  9. I’ve been hanging in various online communities for 21 years. The nicest “open-to-all” community I’ve ever experienced has to be Distributed Proofreaders. Why? I think because you have to do volunteer work to be a respected member of the community. Many people give volunteer proofing a try; a few stick; those few are generally fine folks.

  10. Kirkintilloch @18: I think that the Maillot of Loving Correction would be more effective if it were deployed by Krissy. It would certainly be nicer to look at on her.

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