Saturday Reading Material

I’m out and about again today, so no more from me today here. I know, it’s so unfair. But to keep you occupied all day long, allow me to point you in the direction of “Bone Shop,” a short novel by T.A. Pratt, (who in his other incarnation is the Hugo Award-winning author Tim Pratt) featuring his magic-wielding heroine Marla Mason in an early adventure, which is to say it’s a prequel story, which means you do not need to have read previous works in the series. It’s fun, fast and it’s free to read — but if you like it, T.A. Pratt is accepting donations for the work. So if you read it and like it, which I expect you might, think of sending some love (and a few bucks) in the direction of the author.

Having thus pointed you in the direction of a full day of reading pleasure, I now tip my hat in your direction and bid you adieu for the day.

12 Comments on “Saturday Reading Material”

  1. Damn you, Scalzi!

    I’ve kind of gotten used to you adding a book a week or so to my “buy it soon” queue.

    But this adding a whole series thing had better not get to be a habit.

    I’m only midway through chapter 7 of Bone Shop and am enjoying it a great deal … now I’m going to have to find the rest of the Marla books, and quite likely an assortment of the rest of Tim’s books as well.

    I may never get caught up … not that this is a bad thing.

  2. True, if irrelevant: I mixed Whatever up in my feed reader with Metafilter. When this showed up I actually had a little frisson of oh no jscalzi blogged on Metafilter what was he thinking.

  3. Ooo, new TA Pratt story! GOOD stuff – especially if you like Butcher, Garrison, or Richardson.

    Yum, thanks!
    (not that I don’t have anything to read considering I own/run a bookstore)

  4. That Bone Shop thing is pretty good. Can’t wait to finish it. And to think I had never before heard of Marla Mason or Mr Pratt (by either name).

  5. Damn it Scalzi! Not only have I just finished reading that, but I’ve gon and donated as wel. Now I have to find out what happens next. Did you have to point me in the direction of more good books?

  6. Thanks for getting the word out about “Bone Shop.” I’m a big Marla Mason fan, and I think Pratt’s work deserves a much wider readership than it has had.

  7. Thank you for the link. ‘Twas the equivalent of a formal introduction, as I had not previously read any of Pratt’s work, nor much urban fiction in general… but that may be about to change. I hope donations keep rolling in as others discover his fine work.

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