Attention Portuguese Speakers

If you or someone you love speaks Portuguese and/or lives in a Portuguese speaking country, you will be pleased to know that the Portuguese language version of Old Man’s War will be available as of next Tuesday, or so I am led to understand. I believe the above is its exploderrific cover art.

More travel today. Catch you in the evening.

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  1. A useful reminder: although this is great news to Scalzi and to Portuguese readers, this is a translation made to Portugal alone. It will not be sold in Brazil – we speak a slightly different variation here, the Brazilian Portuguese, and books from Anglo-American market are sold separately to both countries, thus always getting two different translations. I´ll still break the news to my Brazilian readers, though, hoping that make publishing houses here watchful. Congrats!!

  2. Wow. Love that cover art. A different perspective, one I’ve not seen much of in miliary sci-fi art.

    Oh, um … yeah, and the book’s pretty good, too. At least the English version was.

  3. INcredible artwork! Brings action to the cover like I’ve not seen in a long time! The two “jets” dogfighting in the background is particularly spectacular.

  4. That’s very a “attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion” sort of art. Like it, though.

  5. Congrats.
    Ey, that’s quite an illustration there… nothing like what appears on the spanish version which happens to bring shame upon those brave enough to read the book on public.

  6. Oh my god, that is the best cover art space battle EVER.

    (What is WRONG with American publishing companies, that they didn’t slap THAT on your books? Why aren’t they running out to the bookstores with color copies and slapping it on your existing paperbacks with glueguns AS I TYPE THIS?)

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