Home Just in Time For the Sunset

Which was good, because it was a pretty one.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

12 replies on “Home Just in Time For the Sunset”

Man, haven’t seen a big-sky sunset in ages . . . Must be nice to be a feudal lord in the twenty-first century, having serfs following after your every word, one justified line after another, surfing over your [land] site . . . Ah, to be Scalzi for a day . . .

Actually, it wouldn’t be nice. The first thing I’d do is have my Canadian Hugo welded to the front of my pickup truck. The second thing . . .

That really is beautiful. I noticed last evening on the way back from North Olmstead that the clouds were just like that! And I was thinking, that would be the kind of picture I’d see on Scalzi’s blog. AND I was right!

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