Me on Humor and Science Fiction

Whilst at Worldcon in Montreal this year, I was interviewed for a Canadian TV series called The Electric Playground on the subject of humor and science fiction. They’ve uploaded the interview to their Web site and it is here. Some irony for you: I make a crack about jocks in the interview, whilst wearing a football jersey (this one, in fact). But it does have my name on it, so that’s all right.

13 Comments on “Me on Humor and Science Fiction”

  1. I’m not getting anything either, and I’m at home. Just the little moving circle, with no indication that anythhing is actually loading. Same for both Firefox and IE. BTW, I’m not getting any videos on their site; not just your interview.

    Oh well. Maybe there’s something else in the Internet I can watch. ;-)

  2. Nice interview!

    You are tangentially connected to Electric Playground, you know. One of the original hosts (and possibly creators, though I don’t remember for sure and Wikipedia seems to be a bit light in this regard) was Zoe Flower, who as you probably know was doing columns for us at OPM the same time you were.

    And I believe Kevin Bacon was once a guest.

    Actually I’m just kidding about that one.

  3. In America association football jerseys are acceptably geeky. Albeit not nearly as poindexteriffic as a bit of jugger kit would be.

  4. Football (FUT-bol) n. Any number of games where teams of 6 to over a dozen scantily or tightly clad men beat the snot out of each other over a leather ball.

  5. In Adelaide, football would sometimes refer to something called AFL (sometimes known as Aussie Rules), but it appears in this instance football = soccer.

    In other places football = rugby league or rugby union. And of course, in North America, football = gridiron.

  6. Comedy and science fiction; for when you really, really don’t want to win an Oscar.

    Well, at least Young Frankenstein got a couple of nominations. Deserved more.

  7. Nice interview. I had to laugh though when you were talking about the jocks v. geeks. I don’t know what it is, but something tells me you were this close to saying “suck it, jocks”. Just the picture of that is still making me giggle.