On the Sending of Books to Athena

I’ve gotten e-mails from a number of YA authors asking whether it would be okay (and if it’s appropriate) to send copies of their books to Athena for her potential reading pleasure. So as to address this once and thereafter have something to point these folks to, here’s the ruling on that:

1. I certainly have no objection to people sending books to Athena. She’s an avid book reader, and likes all sorts of books. Send away.

2. However, if you (or your publisher/publicist/editor/whomever) are already sending me the book for consideration for The Big Idea or a mention on Whatever, you are also sending it to Athena, since I share books with her and she delights in coming into the office and looking to see what’s new.

3. So the best thing is probably to send it to me directly, via the process outlined in my Publicity Guidelines. Trust me, Athena will see it, too.

I should also note that if you were wanting to send your work to Athena in the hopes of getting a review from her that goes up here, don’t get your hopes up, as her time is at a premium (school, friends, video games, reading) and she doesn’t spend a huge amount of it online. Moreover, I generally disapprove of people wanting to use my daughter as part of their publicity apparatus, however innocent these folks are in their intent. If Athena wants to saying something publicly about a book she enjoys, that’s one thing, but I’m not going to suggest it to her as something she should do. That said, if she likes what she reads, you might get a fan letter from her. I do encourage her to let authors know she liked a book.

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  1. John, you haven’t put up a list and/or photo of books that you’ve received for some time…

  2. “Moreover, I generally disapprove of people wanting to use my daughter as part of their publicity apparatus, however innocent these folks are in their intent.”
    This is how I feel about “Oh yes, you will cry.” and videos like it. Living in San Diego I get to see lots of this. The local news loves to send out a camera crew to the docks when ever a ship returns from a deployment.
    In both cases I am highly skeptical of the innocence of their intent.

  3. I’ll send books Athena’s way with no strings. I’m not a publisher or an author. I don’t even review YA much.

    Also, what does Krissy like to read? I’m happy to send some stuff her way as well. Most of what I get isn’t books I’m trying to promote, so it’s more just “hey, here’s something interesting, want one?” for people I think deserve it. I’d send John stuff too. But I figure he gets enough free books.

  4. Wonder when someone is going to take offense at this and start flaming John for trying to keep the poor innocent publishers/publicists/authors down like the giant meanie we all know he really is.

  5. "If you’re sending this to me, you’re also sending it to Athena."

    That means you get dibs. Good planning! Age and treachery win yet again.

    Kids never learn the real value of age and treachery until they become old and treacherous.

  6. You share your library?!! I should hope there are rules. Never crease the pages, no intentional marring of a book in any way. Reading material damaged beyond legibility is a capital offense, etc. I shudder at the memories of my having attempted to share my library. This probably says more about my judgment and/or choice of acquaintances. Live and learn…

  7. I think it’s totally awesome of folks to want to send books to Athena, because Athena seems like an amazing young person.

    If you also want to send free YA books to some kids who absolutely can’t afford to buy books, there are some helpful links here.

  8. Well, not to be a grammar nazi… no, wait. Actually, exactly to be that. “If you is already sending”? Hmm.

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