New METAtropolis Edition Coming From Tor, Mid-2010

For those of you who hankered after a printed edition of METAtropolis but didn’t get to the limited edition put out by Subterranean Press before it sold out, good news: I’ve just signed the contracts for a new, non-limited edition of the anthology, which will come out through the good graces of Tor Books. Right now the scheduled (but tentative) street date is mid-2010, which is not nearly as far away as you might think.

Naturally I am hugely thrilled about this; between this, the Hugo nomination (only the second one for an anthology, ever) and its successful audio and limited runs, this has been the Little Anthology That Could, for which all credit goes to my fabulous collaborators and co-conspirators Elizabeth Bear, Tobias Buckell, Jay Lake and Karl Schroeder. I was lucky enough to sort of nudge myself next to them and bask in their awesome.

I’ll post more details when I get them, including a more specific date of release. And until then, remember that the audio version is still out there for the listening. And for those who play their audio books old school, there’s now a CD version of it as well, in both conventional audio and MP3 CD flavors.

12 Comments on “New METAtropolis Edition Coming From Tor, Mid-2010”

  1. I had no idea you were actually one of the authors involved with METAtropolis, but I loved the collection, so it makes me happy you were. I got it off Audible as an impulse and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Are there any plans for a sequel or second collection set in the world? My only complaint was that the audio didn’t last as long as I would have liked, and I was left wanting more in that world.

  2. Prof Beej, of course the Scalzi was involved. Who else could write that one the Latin title? Just think of the ending (which I won’t mention to avoid spoilers) and you will see what I mean.

  3. Excellent! I have the SP edition, and thoroughly enjoyed it. But a question: will it be re-proofed? I’ve found a number of typos and other errors (though, sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s an actual error: you say “Cascadopolis” contradicts that city’s introduction in the first story as “Cascadiopolis”, for example).

    Other than that minor nit, I have nothing negative to say :)

  4. I really meant to get this anthology, because all of these are excellent authors whose other work I have loved. Good to know that a not-so limited edition will be available soon. And congrats; getting this to a bigger audience is a good thing.

  5. “City of Meat!

    (Every single time, I tell you!)”

    Dude, me too.

    Eventually I’m going to write something called Meatropolis.

    City of Meat.


  6. I have to admit that I have two copies of the SP edition, one for me and one still sealed in its Amazon plastic and cardboard awaiting its future life as a Xmas gift.

    I ordered the Amazon copy after Subterranean had marked it as out of print, on the off chance Amazon might be able to pull a copy out of an alternate reality, and they did! I just hope that it that universe the book has the same content as in ours, at least the cover is the same.

  7. Just because Subpress ran out of copies to ship doesn’t necessarily mean that none are available. Amazon, as noted above, seems to have copies, and earlier today, I saw two copies on the shelf at Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati. I may buy one of them as a Christmas gift if one is still there the next time I’m there.