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Yes, I know, I haven’t been around today. Some days are busier than others.

That said, good news for those of you who pre-ordered The God Engines: It’s at the printer now, which means it will very likely be shipping in the near future (i.e., more than enough time for the holidays).

Also, another review of TGE, from the Fantasy Literature site. Again, some spoilers in the review, but here’s a relevant pull quote:

The God Engines is every bit as good, if not better, as advertised… It is a hauntingly powerful and provocative tale that will have John Scalzi fans, fantasy lovers, and newcomers alike talking.

Well, then. The full review is here (scroll down a bit), and remember that the review does let spill some things I’d keep for you to find out on your own as you read. It’s not the reviewer’s fault; the spoilery bits are hard not to talk about.

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  1. Getting a Scalzi fix until then by reading Agent to the Stars, which I hadn’t come across until recent. So far it is really funny.

  2. Hi John,

    I was over reading the review at Fantasy Literature…Frankly. I was curious about your books, particularly God Engines. I have added it to my list to purchase our of curiousity and my taste is for fantasy books as well. I left a comment at Fantasy Literature…Frankly wondering if there are other books in this world or if this is even of a series. I am guessing from what I read there that this is a stand-alone book or possibly book 1 of a series. So out of curiousity and great help of google I started my search. I made my way to Tor, read your interview from WorldCon and ended up here.

    So, I thought I would just ask you-if it is okay. I like to have a little idea of the books and series or not. (neither stops me from reading a book.)

    Thank you for your time. I do greatly appreciate it.

  3. Can you edit this post to fix this:

    (i.e., more then enough time for the holidays)

    by changing it to the correct:

    (i.e., more than enough time for the holidays)


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