Daily Archives: November 13, 2009

Sugar & Gold Video, From My Pal Sam Young

My pal Sam Young, who I’ve known from Fresno days, says: i’d like to share with you and your readers a video i made: it’s a music vid for an sf bay area band Sugar & Gold, who are wrapping up a US tour. it’s loaded with visual stimulation — 70’s style shooting stars, animated […]

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Slash, Or Something Like It, Comes to the Scalziverse

There’s apparently a group of fanficcers out there who does a “Secret Santa” thing, where they request a fanfic story written about a novel/show/manga/whatever, and in return they write a fanfic story featuring a novel/show/manga/whatever that’s been requested by someone else. One of them has requested (and one of them has apparently accepted to write) […]

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Interfiction Auctions

Hey, my pal K. Tempest Bradford wants me to let you know that if you like strange-yet-awesome art and funky jewelry (and of course you do) that lots of very cool stuff just like that is up for grabs at the Interfictions auctions that are going on right now. The auctions go to benefit the […]

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