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Hey, my pal K. Tempest Bradford wants me to let you know that if you like strange-yet-awesome art and funky jewelry (and of course you do) that lots of very cool stuff just like that is up for grabs at the Interfictions auctions that are going on right now. The auctions go to benefit the Interstitial Arts Foundation, which is a groovy group focused on speculative fiction. Here is the entire schedule for the auction, along with details on every piece to be put up for bid, so you’ll know when to bid. How much you bid, of course, is entirely up to you.

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  1. That doll IS really awesome, and also frightening and scary. Try seeing it in real life, omg. That is what I love about it. Frightening and scary and beautiful and wonderful and it never EVER fails to elicit a strong response from people. This is why it’s great art.

  2. I’m with Tal and Herbie on this. Water, coffee, Scotch… this keyboard and display have seen ’em all and still tap and shine as they should. But seeing THAT at an ungodly cow-milking hour – were it not for a friend arriving with coffee and pastries at exactly the right instant, there would have been naptha and other combustibles involved, and I’d be wishing I had not sacrificed innocent hardware (or had gotten that lock to secure the flamethrower).

    [KTB] So, not jewelry, but a doll? Glad I didn’t know that on first appearance. As for seeing it in person: no freaking way. It is exquisitely wrought / crafted and grotesque and gotta run now kthxbye

  3. Commodore Scalzi – while not denying that the, um, *thing*, is awesome, my immediate reaction, were I to meet it in person, would be to crush it with a very large rock. While screaming.

    On second thoughts, perhaps #6 with his talk of flame weapons has the right idea. It would let me keep my distance (and I really don’t want to run the risk of merely wounding it and pissing it off).

    Why not puppies? Or kittens? Much better than this wierd offspring of the less attractive parts of the phylum arthrodpoda and HP Lovecraft.

  4. Disturbing weird the creature is…which of course
    is why I like it so much….and other folks seem to
    as well considering the bids….a testimony to art being about stirring up reaction! But as Tempest says it’s only one of the intriguing items in the auction….

  5. KTB @8: Sorry, I didn’t mean to angst-drown the thread. Your alternate offering isn’t exactly fluffy bunnies – but a device which can tell me whether the spiritual weather is clement (or in–) is much better. Thank you!


  6. Actually, it’s coming across to me as weird and disturbing, but also vulnerable and a bit sad. I think it’s the pose. I wouldn’t want to crush it without first asking what was wrong, although admittedly I also wouldn’t want to pat it consolingly, even cautiously.

  7. I think it’s beautiful-the detail, the textures, the attention to the pose-huzzah to the artist.

  8. The story the piece is based on, “The Child-Empress of Mars” by Theodora Goss, is even better! I just read it in *Interfictions 2* – it was the inspiration for the sculpture, so I kept waiting for the bug-eyed monsters to appear . . . but the author’s description of the Martians leaves much to the imagination. I think at this point I’m more scared of meeting artist C. Jane Washburn in a dark alley than of this piece at the breakfast table!

    More about *Interfictions 2* & all the stories here:

  9. That is 8 kinds of amazing. I just want to sit here and stare. The face, the fluff, the hands and whatever that is dangling from the middle. (keys?)
    What a fascinating piece.

  10. Ahahaha! ^____^ I actually didn’t create her with scary intent, which makes the reactions people have to her especially interesting to me. Yay Art! ^__^

    Also, there are 2 other artists that made pieces based on the Child-Empress of Mars, Connie Toebe and Laramie Sasseville, and I find it awesome how we interpreted the story so very differently, but pretty much kept to similar color schemes. :D

    Bidding for mine ends today! eep! ^_^

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