Lady Gaga Gets The Geek Treatment

And the results are pretty darn adorable, if you ask you me.

Artist: Molly Lewis.

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  1. Were I ten years younger, and were she ten years older, I would totally be stalking her. Molly Lewis is a brilliant young artist who deserves all the fame and money she can get.

  2. talented and funny.

    oh, and Lady Gaga as Janice from the muppet show’s lost twin sister would have been awesome. Like Mark Hamill playing his own cousin or something on the Star Wars episode.

    I miss the muppets.

  3. Yup, that’s a ukulele. Specifically, it’s a Fluke from the Magic Fluke Company.

    Also, having met Molly last month at the post-w00tstock meet and greet, I can attest that she is a gracious and funny person. Her brother James also assisted Adam Savage with his presentation at the same show, and was equally awesome.

  4. I’ve been aware of her musical talents for a while, and she’s only gotten better there – but I was also really impressed with her video editing skills here. That is a well-put-together video.

  5. To this day her original song MySpace is my favorite internet-created song ever.


  6. I actually had never heard the Lady Gaga version until I went to go see how faithful this was to the original. Hell, this totally surpasses it.

  7. I didn’t like the more mellow music at first … and then I was like “HEY, it takes TALENT to make a mellow version that works!”

    And then she did some visual gags and I moved into full-on “she rocks.”

    Thanks for sharing, I needed that.

  8. “being that versatile covering an expensively produced song is no small feat.”

    Molly’s version and video is great, of course (not to mention adorable :-), but the song doesn’t really depend on heavy production; there’s a whole bunch of acoustic versions by Lady Gaga herself out there, for example. Here’s one:

  9. this is way more fun to watch than Lady Gaga…….and not nearly so disturbing. I did not spend my 20s as a”feminist” so Lady Gaga could dress like a drugged out porn star and string together words to be as offensive (liberated?) as possible. I did hope that people like Molly would be able to make a living expressing themselves!

  10. @22 I would hope that you spent your 20’s as a “feminist” so women can do whatever they damned well please. I do believe that was the point of the exercise…

  11. Seriously cool, and I’m totally in love, but don’t go getting all up in Lady Gaga’s grille, either, until you see HER very different version of her own song:

  12. That is brilliant. Actually, the original song is brilliant, and both covers of it are as well. I really want to see a full-on Sinatra-style lounge version of it now too. (The staccato bits are out of character for a lounge song, but Lady Gaga’s acoustic cover shows that the rest of it fits very well — shouldn’t take too much to do the full conversion. I can’t decide whether the anachronistic 80’s get-up would work for the lounge-style or not… The cognitive dissonance between costume and setting would be kind of strong, and I’d prefer to foreground the cognitive dissonance which is the subject of the lyrics.) It is also refreshing to discover that, my god, she really can SING WELL without the post-processing and auto-tuning.

    Leslie @22: Well, the song is obviously about sexuality, but (from what I’ve read of Lady Gaga herself’s comments on it) I’m not sure that she’s intending her performance of it to be seen as uncritically affirmative of what you call “dressing up like a drugged-out porn star,” and I am going to call performative heterosexuality for lack of anything better.

    …come to think of it, better yet would be a male lounge version, with the genders in the lyrics switched.

    And, returning from that tangent, Molly Lewis is pretty fucking awesome.

  13. b) cuter than your host by a rather considerable margin.

    Sings better, too.

    You, the host, happen to be a hideous creature, extraordinally fortunate in having found a wife as lovely as your own, and a child as talented who is both cut at smart, cuz you are barely smart, and not even a hairs breadth of cute.

    Not to mention that lady gaga is like the trans workd murderers that exist in “The Number of the Beast” from heinlein. I mean, I suggest you don’t run like heinleins protagonists.

    Athena can slaughter them in whole if you just take away her sweets, and my guess is she really doesn’t want to go back to the “salt mines.”

    I think She’s more built for defense, more than flight.


  14. @1 I just want to point out that stalking isn’t ever appropriate, no matter how much you like an artist. While I assume you’re not a literal stalker, seeing that word bandied about is a real slap in the face.

  15. Steven Saus – Dayton, Ohio – Steven Saus's work has appeared in anthologies and magazines both online and off. You can find him at
    Steven Saus

    I am totally geek-crushing right now.

    Thanks for sharing that, John.

  16. keiforkinetic – Hola! I’m Keinan Lynx. Some of you may be wondering how you say that. Well, Keinan is pronounced the same as the biblical land of Canaan, and oddly enough, Lynx is pronounced the same as “Lynch”. Presumably, you’ve read the tag-line- so, yes, I am a Lesbian. I’m married to a big scary macho, who can fix a sink with one hand, and stitch up my pajamas with the other. Just to let you know, hateful comments will just be erased. You may as well not bother, but if you’re going to do it anyway- at least be creative! I do have to read it before I delete it, you know. We are the proud parents and grandparents of no less than 11 cats (5 of them are only 1 month old). They fill our lives with joy and cat sand, which one would think to be mutually exclusive…my fellow cat owners will know better. I will probably talk about them quite a bit. Geeky things, Geeky things, how I love thee- science news, fantasy novels, anime, conventions… you name it. This blog will be chalk full of the various things I stumble on, watch, or read. Having worked for Bandai Entertainment Inc., I might be able to write about some of the things that go on behind the scenes in the anime production arena. At the very least, you may be amused by recollections like a giant model of Eureka 7’s Nirvash making a cameo on the highway to Long Beach. Its appearance was courtesy of the Bandai marketing team’s mastery of securing things to the backs of trucks (and one of these fellows was pre-med!). As I’m a Gringa living in Mexico City, you might read about it from time to time. I’m really hoping to include a tagged section called “Street Eats” about where to get some muy sabroso munchies if you ever visit the big D.F. There will also be some general survival tips thrown in here and there. Finally, I’m working on a fantasy novel, and I’ll probably be including excerpts and updates on that front. Please Read, Comment, Enjoy!

    The song in and of itself isn’t a major accomplishment on anyone’s part. Then again most pop isn’t, so what can you do. Synchronizing all the elements on her own, however, is an achievement. The fact that she can play multiple instruments is fairly awesome too. I’d have to hear her do something more complex to be amazed, but she is kind of adorable. Nice find.

  17. Nifty cover. Personally, I’m a Lady Gaga fan precisely because she’s so over the top and makes no apologies for it. I eagerly await Molly’s cover of “Bad Romance.”

  18. If you think “Poker Face” is catchy, you should try “Papparazi.” That’s a Gaga tune that is really hard to get out of your head. On the upside, it’s a fairly pretty tune, especially relative to “Poker Face.”

  19. From Lady Gaga’s acoustic video you can tell she can sing but I don’t like it. It doesn’t have the graceful transitions of the original melody.

    The produced version is great! I <3

    I wasn't aware that Molly Lewis was an uberg33k. Even better! Maybe she can join the ranks of Jonathan Coulton.

  20. timwburke – Writer of horror and humor. "The Flesh Sutra" was on the preliminary ballot of the 2014 Stoker Awards for Best Novel.

    May I recommend CocoRosie’s “Turn Me On”?

  21. Oddly, there is a discussion on wikipedia about whether Molly Lewis is important/famous enough to warrant a wikipedia page.
    Well, now that she has been discussed on Whatever that discussion is over, I’d say.

  22. This gal is 4w3z00m. I sat there stunned afterward. I, who have gotten a hug from La Gaga herself. W00t. This Molly Lewis person is one to watch.

  23. Tiffany @41: Her blog suggests that she performs on the ukelele with Jonathan Coulton on a semi-regular basis, so I think she’s perhaps already there. Would definitely be worthy of doing her own solo thing, though. :-)

  24. “I did not spend my 20s as a”feminist” so Lady Gaga could dress like a drugged out porn star….”

    I, however, as a teenage boy in the early-to-mid ’80s, did spend evenings at home putting on make-up and glam fashion before going out for pretty much the same reasons.

    A lot both previous and current generations at the time had pretty much the same sort of attitude toward me. I guess not all that much changes after all.

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