Saturday Night’s All Right For Silent Zen-Like Contemplation

Hmm. Maybe that’s not how the song goes.

Anyway, out of here for the day. See you tomorrow.

20 Comments on “Saturday Night’s All Right For Silent Zen-Like Contemplation”

  1. Hmmm. Let’s give this contemplation thing a try, though.


    Well, that’s enough of that.

  2. Please don’t make off topic comments just because you think they’ll get my attention, Jen. They do get my attention, but what they do is annoy me.

  3. Well, I was noodling around on the Internet, and I found the hilarious Amazon reviews for the 1 gallon of Tuscan Whole Milk, as linked below:

    What amused me greatly is that…I don’t know if you will see this as well, but under the “Customers who bought this item also bought…” was, in fact, The Last Colony. Scalzi readers like their $70 Italian milk, it seems.

    Thought you might find it as amusing as I have.

  4. @Julia

    I just had a case of deja vu, because that was mentioned in a comment by Linkmeister at Edge of the American West a while ago. Interesting.

    Now I’m doing my zennish contemplation on this fine Sunday morning. Which isn’t as song-worthy as Satyrday night (that was a typo, but I like it and I’m keeping it).

  5. If JS has to mangle lyrics zen contemplation isn’t too bad. He could be the rocket man burning out his fuschia haralon.

  6. Saturday Night Live was All Right for The Black-Eyed Peas!

    (yeah, back at work today. working, and listening to the Bengals / Stealers game)

  7. Off-topic? If this isn’t an open thread, I don’t know how I am supposed to tell. What’s the topic to be off of?

  8. I know Saturday night is alright for fighting, but I am less sure how the rhythm works for silent zen-like contemplation.

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