A Query to the Assembly

Is it just me, or does it seem that pretty much everyone wants 2009 to be over with already?

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  1. Actually, I’m about ready for this entire blessed decade to be over. On the other hand, I’m so weary having gone through it that I’m not especially looking forward to putting forth the effort of making the next decade better, so I’m thinking of the next month-and-a-half as a breather before that time.

  2. Yes. In my case it has to do with the fustration of graduating college and not finding employment.

    Hopefully the new year will bring better economic circumstances.

  3. no way 2009 rocks (altho i am looking forward to the last season of lost which doesnt start until 2010)

  4. YES!!

    So far this year my grandma died, my parents dog died, and two of my friends have lost their mothers. 2009 has sucked an inordinate amount.

  5. Well, 09 was a much better year for me than 08 and especially 07, so for me, the only reason I look forward to the passing of 09 is my hope the upward trend continues into 10.

  6. 2009 has sucked rocks – major illnesses, emergency hospital stays, deaths of family members, lots of friend and family laid off/lost their homes/whatever.

    I am very ready for 2010. It could start tomorrow, that would be good.

  7. I was fine until the house we were buying fell through a few weeks ago (after putting in almost $5000, which we did not get back) and my husband lost his job right around the same time. Now we’re facing eviction from our current place and shut off of utilities even if we do manage to find all the money for the rent.

    So, yea, I am ready for this year to be over. I’d like it to be over with a roof over my head, but it’s hard to be positive with everything imploding all at once.

  8. I’m ready for the holidays to be over already, if that counts. Christmas ornamentation comes earlier every year…why take them down at all?

    But hell, if 2009 is delcared over, we’re going to have to replace it with something new. We could just add 1 to the number like we have in previous years, but that seems stale. I for one feel that we should stick to 2009 and only start the new year when we’ve got great features and bug fixes in place. People have grown used to 2009’s problems after all.

  9. I’m on record as wishing I could just fast forward from November through February every year, but I’ve been ready for 2009 to be over since the middle of May.

  10. Yes, I am very much looking forward to being six weeks closer to my grave*.

    OK, six-and-a-half.

  11. I fired November its very first night, when my cat who had always hated the very idea of going back outdoors slipped out when I was saying goodbye to a visiting friend.

    2009 is SO over. Can we just accelerate?

  12. Yes please, although as a broke-ass college graduate I want it to be over in a way that doesn’t skip me getting paid at my new job.

  13. I want to be graduated from college already dammit, so, given that at the end of 2009 I’ll be a month closer to that goal, yes, please, 2009 can’t end soon enough.

  14. 2009’s end would end the crappiest decade I’ve seen. And yes, I remember the 1970’s. It’s loomed large in my mind since 2001, and not in a good way.

  15. 2008 was worse, IMO. I’m sort of with Rob T. though: The whole decade has been a downward slide. The 21st Century was never supposed to be like this. Can we go back to 1999 and have Do-Over?

  16. meh. One decade’s as good as the next or the last.
    I will second the whole lets skip the hollidays. They aren’t much fun without kids around. They are even less fun without gainful employment.
    Capital meh.

  17. Was given notice in January, had my final day on the job in February and been looking for steady work ever since. Yeah, 2009 hasn’t exactly been one of my best years, but I’ll see if I can make the most of what’s left of it.

  18. I guess I am lucky but mine is mostly OK other than a number of annoying equipment failures. (Including a PS3 “Yellow Light of Death” that is holding save games hostage.)

    I’m a bit terrified of 2010 because of a high-profile project with an aggressive deadline.

  19. Nah – I’m good with it lasting a little longer. At least till I’ve had my birthday. And besides, from the Sunday before Melbourne Cup Day until either Australia Day or Valentine’s Day (if you’re that way inclined) is Party Season in my circle. we’ve made it through the dark of the year, so now it’s time for some hard-earned fun!

  20. I’ve never understood the whole “ready for the year to be done” sentiment before…but between divorce and two pay cuts and general unhappiness with certain things…i could use a new year.

  21. My 2009’s actually been pretty good, if occasionally a bit scary with the hairpin turns.

    I have heard a lot of the “done now,” though.

  22. K. Ramsey, as someone whose grandma died a few months ago and whose parents’ and sister’s beloved dog has just been diagnosed with lymphoma and is on her last legs, I sympathize.

  23. The only good thing to happen to me is that we’re finally closing on our refinance. Other than that, you probably don’t want to hear the list of things that weren’t good that happened to me or my family members this year. I’m so ready for a fresh start.

  24. I don’t know about having any personal vendetta against 2009 as such, but I have a full week off scheduled each for the weeks of Thanksgiving and Xmas/New Years, which I’m really rather looking forward to.

    One more step towards the apocalypse of 2012, really. And since I’ve seen the movie, I now know how bad it will truly be. I think the most horrific thing about the end of the world is how ham-handed it’s going to be. :(

    I’d really much prefer a zombie-type apocalypse.

  25. The economy sucks and I have a job that I don;t hate working with people I respect and mostly even like. 2009 could do lots worse.

    On the other hand, I’d really like 2012 t obe over with. Enough already. When will the world end next?

  26. It’s not just you, but I’m not in your camp. I’ve had a pretty good 2009. It had ups and downs as life will, but the ups outweighed.

    I can’t believe it’s mid-November already. It was 2008 only a couple of weeks ago, right?

  27. I’d kind of like it to hang around for as long as possible, actually, so I have more time to get my act together and figure out what I want to do next with my life.

  28. What? You want to skip my birthday, my husband’s birthday, our trip to see my dad and my brother, AND *Yule*? Are you MAD?

    I have an idea. If you really need a fresh start that badly, just declare tomorrow to be January 1 2010. There you go. You’ll be a bit ahead of the rest of us, but that’s an easy fix– you vamp, repeating January 1 2010, until we catch up with you. You can put it on your checks and reset your computer’s date and time and generally amuse your friends with it.

    I will be over here, getting presents and eating cake and giving presents and eating cake and bringing a tree inside and getting presents and eating cookies and cake and pumpkin pie and chocolate and possibly even a candy cane, and I’ll let you know when I’m good and ready to be done.

    Which will happen. I mean, you can only eat cake so long. But not *yet*.

  29. It’s not just you. 2009 has sucked so far.

    However, there’s no reason to think 2010 will be any better – and some reason to think it’ll actually be worse: e.g., unemployment’s not going down anytime soon but unemployment *benefits* will be expiring throughout 2010, so people (like me, f’rex) who’ve managed to hang on by their fingernails because UI benefits were helping pay the bills are going to lose their grip altogether.

    I can tell you I am not looking forward to losing everything and starting from scratch, not at my age.

  30. Not I. Anytime with family and friends is good. Not to say you or others would not agree. But the issues that bug me about 2009 will still remain in 2010

  31. I’m watching two children grow up entirely too fast for my old heart.

    They can take their time and so can the year.

    Besides, if 2009 is over, I’m really late getting those Millennicon Artshow flyers out.

  32. No!!! It can’t be over yet, I need the three paychecks to finish saving up for a vacation/research trip, the remainder of which is due in January.

    2009 has blown chunks, however. And the rest of it is going to be spent with my husband going through a meds shift. Arrrggghhh!!!

  33. What a bunch of whiners. 2009 hasn’t been perfect, but no year has been perfect since I was ten. So not much of a judger, there.

    And who says next year will be better? 2009 is just an arbitrary number, and 2010 is the same.

  34. I’m with Lisa. Much as 2009 has sucked, I’d rather see it out the old-fashioned way.

    Besides (touch wood) nobody in my family has died this year, making it the first in half a decade with no memorials/funerals.

  35. As bad as 2009 has been, a) I am thankful to be alive and those of my family that are alive are alive + b) I am doing something I enjoy with customers (I sell books) that I enjoy. Sometimes I just have to adjust my expectations downward and focus on what I HAVE.

    I’ll be thinking of you all with the hope that 2010 will be better =\-

  36. Yes, please. It’s been a good year in some respects for me and just unbelievably horrible in others. I’m over 2009. I wish I could fast forward until the beginning of next year.

  37. As of the last few years it seems that late odd years have been pretty lousy to me and even years are better.

    2009 started with me losing my job and ends with me in graduate school.

  38. I’ve had worse.

    But things happened this year that will live in infamy in my memory henceforth.

    On the other hand, I finished all the year’s deadlines last week, am leaving on vacation on Thursday, and I plan on enjoying the hell out of the last six weeks of 2009.

  39. I *would* want to fast-forward to the Winter Solstice already, except for a) Thanksgiving and b) my father’s birthday (he’s already had too many birthday-Christmas combination presents.) Stupid living-on-the-eastern-edge-of-the-time-zone.

  40. Oh, yeah. 2009 will go down as the year that I spent my Bday (#36, no less) in the emergency room getting my face stitched back on (when lettuce attacks! I wish I was kidding.), and my BFF/non-genetic-twin was diagnosed with AIDS.

    I’ve had better years.

  41. After a few tours in Iraq, I fall into the “Every day is a bonus” line of thought.

    You have to go through to today to get to tomorrow, make the most of your time.

  42. Actually, things started downhill mid-March 2008 and just got worse from there, peaking in maximum “wow life sucks” around oh, mid-Feb this year (i.e., only one major crisis ocurred after that). So, on the whole the worst is past, I don’t see how rushing forward to the next decade will improve things, but YMMV.

  43. I’m okay with 2009 for two more days … after that, it can be any year pulled from of a hat.

    Stuck in the middle/between Checkuary and Nextember
    Seeking the riddle/which I subsequently won’t remember

  44. Got to LA just in time for the VFX industry to shrink like a snowbound scrotum.

    Got horribly ill with Swina Bifida.

    Lost both parents within a month to cancer.

    Made less money than 2002.

    Die, 2009. Die in the cold.

  45. The older I get, the more I realize life is going by way too fast.

    I don’t even want to hurry through to the weekends anymore.

    So no. I can wait.

  46. 2009 has definitely been a step upwards from 2008 for me, though there’s still room for improvements.

    February 2008, I came back to Denmark after things went bad with my now ex-boyfriend, who I had lived together with for 3 years at the time.

    So, I spent some months living on my mother’s couch and looking for a job. Found an okay job in May and found a room to rent in July.

    In 2009, I finally got a small flat and I got accepted to study at the scool for library and information science – started that in September.

    Yeah – definitely better.

  47. Wishing 2009 was over with? Shit, that’s like wishing you’d finished your beer so you can start on the next. And hey, there’s a limited number of beers in that crate.

  48. But sometimes the beer you’re drinking gets warm! And the next beer is ice cold!

    (This analogy is of limited utility to those who drink beers at temperatures other than “ice cold.)

    (Or, you know, who don’t drink beer.)

  49. [cue Bodyguard dive]


    Because I have not finished my book yet and I will scream and throw things if I have not finished it by 2010.

    Which I damn well will.

    Unless y’all bring 2009 to an end today, in which case I will cry on you until you are soggy.

    So there.


  50. I will cry on you until you are soggy.

    Nice invective. Nothing vulgar, slighty amusing, with overtones of guilt and shame for the person responsible. Sends a clear message of “Oh no you don’t” without being all hostile and stuff.

    Plus, working in an elementary school, I actually get to see this with some regularity.

  51. There’s a couple of books I have had on order for moths that I’m anxious to get, but other than that, time moves way too fast.

    I remember when a year was a 6th of a lifetime, now a decade is a 6th of a lifetime.

    I can picture some SF immortal, exclaiming on how quickly that century went by.

  52. And miss two months of my boy growing up? Thanksgiving with my family(who are all crazy but I’m old enough now to enjoy the insanity) and Christmas with an almost 3 year old who’s excited to give mommy a present this year?

    I’ll hang on, thanks.

  53. The (drunken) mantra at my 40th b-day party a couple of months ago:

    “Any day on this side of the dirt is a good day.”

  54. Yeah, this fall hasn’t been so great for friends and family. And I’d like the annual holiday layoffs to be over.

    MW: I do want to hear about how lettuce took off your face…

  55. 2009 has been the most amazing year of my life. I bought a house, which I never thought I’d be able to do, and I got married. I’m a generally melancholic person, but I’m on cloud nine and looking forward to the holidays.

  56. Too much to do before 2009–like save up all that tax money the silly government wants from me. Being a businessman in an…um…irregular economy is exciting, yes?

    Give me a few more months before December so I can get more stuff done. That would be good.

  57. Are you people crazy? I know I’m not in any hurry to get into that whole mess next February.

    Oh right, you folks don’t know about that yet. Never mind, forget I said anything …

  58. I guess for some we’re into the lukewarm frothy remnants of the year, John. Time to chase it with a large whisky I suspect.

    I like the other Keith’s mantra.

  59. Yes, 2009 must die! Put a stake in its heart. Cut off its head. Stuff itwith garlic. Douse it with holy water. Burn its body. And scatter its ashes at aa crossroads.

    The VA hosed up my retirement pay for over 2 months, failed to admit it was its fault for months, then had to threaten itself with legal action to get sundry suborganizations to comply with its own regulations and laws! And then, restored my lost retirement pay, but had damaged my finances so wickedly that I have only just stabilized. And higher interest rates, a credit rating that looks like Rocky after Apollo Creed got done with him, and no repercussions for the VA public servants errors or even an apology was forthcoming. No, 2009 has not been a banner year for me an dmine. I urinate in 2009’s general direction and dampen its ashes with malicious streams of righteous wrath!!!

    OK, I’m done now. I’ll even put the seat down so as not to anger the womenfolk… ;)

  60. It has not been 2009 as such but the past 13 months that have been bad. One parental death the day after the presidental election, another this past spring, some cracked ribs, 2 break-ins and another attempt, a water line gone bad, the hassles of settling two estates, the hassles of raising 2 teenagers, an old and dependable hot tub giving up the ghost (a luxury but great for stresses), getting stuck on back roads in WV (in an area where the local folks told me that the meth labs burned down last week) and assorted other deaths and health issues. On the other hand… Well, not much.

  61. Daryl – on your side-track – the issue about men leaving the seat up and the women leaving it down never applied in my household. Both my son and I put the *lid* down, while the womenfolk left it up.

    Putting the lid down saves dropped shavers and toothbrushes from falling in, not to mention pets.

    Whenever people argue about the seat, and which gender is more inconsiderate, I vote them both as guilty. Considerate people would consider the lid, not the seat.

  62. 2009’s been good to me in most categories.

    However, if 2010 promises to be less annoying in terms of “omg, Americaz going to endz”, I’m all for getting to the 2009 Safehouse and restocking my health kits for the next stage.

  63. This one hasn’t been too bad, actually, but next year I might get to retire! Yahoo! And spend the first 6 months reading that backlog of Big Idea books…

  64. One big plus for this year is that I reached retirement age. In bad economic times, that is a comfort, even as I keep working and building up my pension.

  65. Every day above ground is a good one. I don’t count years much these days, gets way to depressing.

  66. 2009 hasn’t been too bad – no one close to me died, I’m in school so I don’t have to worry about a job or paying back student loans (yet), and in a few weeks I get to go home and spend time with friends and family that I haven’t seen since August. So no, I’ve had worse years.

  67. The only reason I would like 2009 to end would be to get the sunshine back (he writes from Seattle).

    Otherwise, (knock wood) 2009 has been a very fabulous year. I met the woman of my dreams.

    My empathy and compassion to those for whom the year has sucked. For me, that was 2008. THAT year was fired for gross incompetence even after a corrective action plan was put in place two thirds of the way through.

  68. I’m of two minds on time.
    When things are good there’s never enough. When not so good there’s always too much.
    But throw age in the mix and that changes everything. The days seem shorter and some of the passion is missing. But then you get to remember there were worse days. And better. And you know that in the end that’s all there is. Good days and bad.
    That said I don’t really care about what year it is, I just want the economy to get better. And less worthless, needless war.

  69. My first kid was born in January 2009 and he’s doing great. I’m enjoying every minute of being with him and my wife. I’ve got a great job and mortgage interests are at a all time low, but they’ll go up in 2010. Oh and my wife’s pregnancy test she took last Sunday was positive (as we hoped, of course).

    All and all, I’ve got nothing to complain about 2009.

  70. I am ready for it to be over, but it wasn’t outright bad. The high expectations that 2010 entices is likely 75% of why I am anxious to move into the new year.

  71. I’m looking forward to getting out of “the year in which the first half of Stargate Universe Season 1 aired” and a decent way into “the year in which the second half of Stargate Universe Season 1 and hopefully the first half or so of Season 2 airs”.

  72. That and the Black Mesa mod (fan remake of original Half Life in the HL2 engine) is supposed to be out before 2010 starts (so probably December 31st).

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