Thus Commences the Thanksgiving Hiatus

Unless something of such world-shaking importance occurs that I can’t not blog about it, lest I am required to turn in my blogger card, I’m out of here until sometime Monday. I may pop up in the comments, or update via Twitter/Facebook, but by and large I plan to be scarce until the 30th.

In my absence, consider this an open thread, and feel free to chat amongst yourselves.

Happy Thanksgiving for you US folks, Merry Thursday to everyone else, and see you Monday.

A Small Reminder to Authors Seeking Book Blurbs From Me

Please please please read my blurb guidelines here before you ask me for one, because as a general matter of policy, an author asking me directly for a book blurb results in me automatically turning that author down (yes, I explain why in the link). Get your editor/publisher/agent to ask instead. Thanks.

A Morning Observation

Watching Looney Tunes with your kid at 10 am on a Wednesday makes you feel like you’re getting away with something.