A Morning Observation

Watching Looney Tunes with your kid at 10 am on a Wednesday makes you feel like you’re getting away with something.

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  1. Sshhh! Don’t tell her she’s learning about comic timing, dramatic pacing, strong characterization, and proper use of explosives.

    And if she watches the right Looney Toons, she’ll get an introduction to opera as well.

  2. Hey John, did you happen to notice a address or URL for ACME?
    I’ve been trying to order a catapult and rocket skates from them since I was 9. I’ve already found the right kind of beach umbrella. 8D

  3. As You know, you *are* getting away with something – actually both of you are!

    You’re getting away with memories which will last two lifetimes – at least!

  4. You mean you AREN’T getting away with something? Damn, way to ruin it for me after all this time….

  5. After becoming self-employed at the start of 2009, it took me about 3 months to stop feeling weird while visiting the post office, Staples, and the like during daylight hours. Felt like I was sneaking out under the wire while taking a mental health day, along with a back-of-mind worry that I’d run into a coworker who’d snitch on me. That second bit says something about how much I miss the offices where I’ve worked.

  6. I think you never get too old to enjoy Looney Tunes.
    Are there any mid-90s cartoons that Athena missed out on that you have thought about acquiring so she can see them ?
    (Among others, “Pinky and the Brain” and “The Animaniacs” come immediately to mind, and yes I was older than 25 when I watched them, and yes I loved them)

  7. #7: Somewhere I’ve seen an ad for the ACME catalog, which lists all those wonderful things. I think my favorite was the portable hole. Wish I’d ordered the catalog when I saw it, looked like a hoot.

  8. @bevibe
    thanks for the acme catalog link. i shall do all my holiday shopping there. :)

    “i shall hug him and squeeze him and call him george”

  9. M.A @17 and BeVibe @ 18

    Yes! I am fullfilled. The inner 9 year old is on a squee event. (and the 51 year old outer dude is pretty stoked right now) Rocket skates, here I come!

  10. The Rabbit of Seville.


    P.S. My favourite line in all of Warner Bros. is when Wile E. Coyote hands Bugs his business card: Wile E. Coyote, Genius. Because of the layout of the card, “Genius” was not an adjective but was a job description. I always thought: where do I get that job, I qualify.

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