Thus Commences the Thanksgiving Hiatus

Unless something of such world-shaking importance occurs that I can’t not blog about it, lest I am required to turn in my blogger card, I’m out of here until sometime Monday. I may pop up in the comments, or update via Twitter/Facebook, but by and large I plan to be scarce until the 30th.

In my absence, consider this an open thread, and feel free to chat amongst yourselves.

Happy Thanksgiving for you US folks, Merry Thursday to everyone else, and see you Monday.

40 Comments on “Thus Commences the Thanksgiving Hiatus”

  1. I’m staying in town for Thanksgiving with a gathering of friends. I’m making French Silk Pie and Cranberry Chiffon Pie. I’m also going over early enough to be a kitchen drudge. Hey – I’m taking my own potato peeler! :)

  2. Roger @ 2:
    See the Nov. 24th entry. Mr. Scalzi does not partake of such pursuits. It was more an observation than a directive not to sample fine spirits.

  3. he says he knows that the “intarweebs will assplode” without him but he obviously doesn’t mean it. ah well, i hope he has a lovely holiday with friends, family and assorted animals. :)

    just like that hotel chain, we’ll keep a light on. . .

  4. Just me, the wife, and kid tomorrow. Eat turkey, drink wine, watch bad football. (No, not the Lions! Bad enough I have to watch them play the Bengals in a couple of week.)

  5. I can usually figure out where the blurb at the top of the page comes from (or at least know that I don’t know) however this latest one
    “A wall and a temple and an edge of the empire garrison town” has got me perplexed. It sounds familiar but I just cant place where from. Does anyone have a clue? Or if the
    blogger-in-residence peeks in, how about just telling me? ;)

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating. It’s just Happy Thursday for me in the UK – and it is happy because I’m going to meet Dave Gibbons this afternoon.

    #9 & #10 – do you see the little comments all the time? I’ve just discovered that they are hidden at the top of my browser in white font on a white page. I wondered where they’d gone.

  7. And for your early shopping pleasure:

    “A collage of dried weevils, from Pheromone by Christopher Marley; $770”

    from the NY Times gift guide.

  8. Merry Thursday? Even after checking my computer, I’m STILL convinced it’s Wednesday, because if it IS Thursday, what happened to my Wednesday???

    In the unlikely event it really is Thursday, I demand a Wednesday refund.

  9. Happy Thursday to all and to all a good day :)

    Happy Gobble-Gobble day to the fine folks south in the US.

  10. Chickens and turkeys use their wings in quick bursts–escaping danger, for example–but not for much else. They use their legs much more regularly. This is why wings are “white meat”–they contain quick-burning fuels like sugar–while drumsticks are “dark meat”–they contain slow-burning fuels like fat. This is why dark meat has more fat.

    Now you know.

  11. Wow – I didn’t know about those hidden messages at the top of the page. White on white will have that effect… Are they meant to be hidden? Are they for people in a secret club I’m not invited to?

  12. We had a great Thanksgiving! I hope everyone else a great one to. Today I finished my Christmas shoping… Scalzi books for everyone!!!
    I’m waiting to end this holiday weekend on Monday night when the New Orleans Saints beat the stuffing out of the New England Patriots!!!
    Go SAINTS Go!!!! Who Dat!

  13. To Allan Kellog 29,

    Settle, dear – no-one is going to take your Thanksgiving holiday as a personal slight. It’s just that there are some Americans who seem to think the whole world celebrates, or should celebrate, Thanksgiving. I actually shocked someone once when I told her that Australia doesn’t celebrate it. So, it’s quite lovely when an American wishes us Happy Thursday to Sunday instead.

    Hope you (and you all) had a gut-bustingly enjoyable holiday, and may you live to see many more.

  14. Mr. Kellogg seems to be responding to some rabid anti-Thanksgiving remarks that nobody, in fact, actually made.

  15. 25.Laz – new hidden message!

    From Quoting Sting to Quoting Izzard.

    A couple of my favorite Eddie Izzard lines are “Hitler never played Risk when he was a kid” & “Europe, where the history comes from”.

    My friends and I just crack up, of course all of Eddie’s “Dress to Kill” is funny. We even worship Geoff, the God of Biscuits.

  16. Today’s quote brought to you by: Simon Travaglia and the BOFH?

    JJS @13: Sorry to miss you in Phoenix… you should have stopped by to visit. There was pie! Enough to feed a small army!

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