Farewell November

Off into the sunset with you. We’ll see you again in about a year’s time. Stay out of trouble until then, all right? Groovy.


Monday Updatery

Hey, I’m back. Catching up on things:

* First, for everyone who complained this hiatus went on too long, your compensatory cat photo:

That’s two cats for the price of one. What a bargain.

* Second, Thanksgiving and the several largely work-free days around it were just lovely. Ate lots of food, watched a lot of movies, slacked off lackadaisically, and generally did a whole bunch of nothing. I recommend it highly.

* My absence last Thursday did, however, mean I didn’t do an in-entry link to last week’s AMC column, which answered some reader mail. So if you missed it, here it is. Go over and make my AMC overlords happy, please.

* Last week I recommended a Scotch Whisky to you all, which resulted in me getting inquiries on where to find that particular type. The answer is: here, on the Master of Malt Web site, which also features many other fine whiskys and spirits. I’ll also note that the Sales Director of Master of Malt popped up in the comment thread about the whisky and is offering Whatever whisky enthusiasts a special deal when they make an order on the Web site. Click here for the details. I will say my own personal experience with the Master of Malt site was quite positive; they packed up my purchase and shipped it quickly, and it arrived pretty much when they promised it would. In the parlance of EBay, Super A++++, would buy again from this dealer.

* Hey, ever wanted your name in a story by famous and/or award-winning SF/F authors? Here’s your chance: a whole bunch are selling “tuckerizations” (the placement of real people’s names in fictional works) in auctions to support the Trans Atlantic Fan Fund, which sends deserving American fans overseas to meet fen of other countries. they’re like exchange students, only slightly geekier. The authors offering tuckerizations are Cory Doctorow, Charlie Stross, Nalo Hopkinson, David Brin, Elizabeth Bear, Julie Czerneda and Mary Robinette Kowal, which is a nice selection of authors for you. Just follow those links to go to the auctions.

* This opinion piece by Ed Rollins on the two people who gate-crashed the White House state dinner for the Prime Minister of India is not too far off from my own opinion on the matter. I would love to see them prosecuted for being pathetic, fame-grubbing jackasses, but as that’s not actually a crime, then charging them with trespassing and other such things would work just as well. Beyond that, I didn’t actually keep up with the news much over the last several days, which was nice, frankly. I’ll catch up later today. Don’t spoil any surprises for me.

How was your Thanksgiving and/or last several days?

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