Albert Einstein As You’ve Almost Certainly Never Seen Him Before

Physics professor and friend of Whatever Chad Orzel ran a fundraiser for science education a few weeks ago and promised if certain financial goals were met that he would re-enact the quantum physics debate between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr using puppets. Well, the goals were met, and Chad, a man of his word, has the re-enactment up on his blog. Because Niels Bohr puppets are in tragically short supply, however, Chad improvised, substituting dog puppets for the eminent scientists. Which makes it even better.

I’ll note, incidentally, that Chad’s upcoming book How to Teach Physics to Your Dog is getting great reviews, and will be featured here in a Big Idea later in the month. Here’s the book’s Web site, in case you can’t wait.

9 Comments on “Albert Einstein As You’ve Almost Certainly Never Seen Him Before”

  1. I’ve actually had to sit through graduate quantum physics. It would have been much more interesting with puppets. (In other words, the video was awesome.)

  2. I just realized that I hate you, John. I wound up ordering Mr. Orzel’s book just because of that puppet show. More money on books… ::Sigh::

  3. Albert Einstein As You’ve Almost Certainly Never Seen Him Before

    This title frightened me; I assumed this was about Einstein’s little-known sex tape…

  4. Well, I still don’t understand the physics, but the dogs and Professor Orzel where charming and funny, so I know just which relative to give his book to for Christmas, thanks.

    I may have to get a Darwin puppet for myself, thanks to Bruce A.’s link.

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