Pat Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders 2009

Some of you might remember that last year, fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss ran a little charity drive on his Web site to support Heifer International, a charity that helps the poor in developing countries by providing them livestock. Pat raised over $50,000 from donors, proving the man is, well, awesome.

This year Patrick is doing it again under the guise of “Worldbuilders” and he’s secured a sponsor: Subterranean Press. And again they’re encouraging you do donate to Heifer International, and when you do, here’s what will happen:

1. For the first $10,000 donation will be matched by 50% by Subterranean — so if you donate $10, Subterranean will kick in an additional $5. If you donate more, the amount matched will be more.

2. For every ten bucks you donate, you’ll be entered in a drawing for the proverbial fabulous prizes, including new books from Subterranean, including The God Engines, by yours truly. Pat is also kicking in here not only with some signed first editions (among other things) but also a “golden ticket” — which I’ll let you link through to find out what that means. Point is, you have a chance to win cool stuff for every $10 you donate. Donate $10, get one chance at the goodies. Donate $100, get ten chances. And so on.

In addition to this there are auctions and other ways to directly get signed stuff from Pat. In all, a fine way to do good this holiday season while also getting a crack at some excellent swag.

Here’s the page to go to for all the information on how to donate, what you might win, and everything else. Please do consider giving.

And before you ask, why, yes, I’ve donated. I donated a pig! Because, you know, bacon.

12 Comments on “Pat Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders 2009”

  1. I love Heifer International. While they may not be as efficient as some of the charities we support, they have the *best* concept I’ve ever seen. Since we’re at the point in life when we just don’t need much in the way of gifts, last year I donated a sheep in my mom’s name (she is a spinner) and a flock of ducks in honor of my sister. Both of them thought those gifts rocked. :-)

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about this, John. Heifer is my favorite charity and I’ll ditto your “Pat Rothfuss is awesome” and add that Bill Schafer and Subterranean Press are pretty great, too.

  3. This is very cool. I just started reading The Name of the Wind a few days ago on a very strong recommendation. I don’t normally wade into a series until it’s all written and published, but I can already see why people feel so strongly about this one. I’ll definitely throw some scratch Worldbuilders’ way.

  4. I was thinking about what animal would give you the most for your dollar. Chickens, geese, and ducks give both eggs and meat. Cows, goats, and sheep give both milk and meat. Pigs only give meat, even if it’s mmm…bacon.

    Cool concept. My parents are contributing to Heifer this year.

  5. Methinks the use of the term ‘swag’ here is misplaced, at least in my vernacular. Unless it has degraded to the point where we see it as “Cool stuff we’d all like to have”. In which case, Ok then.
    Great charity, already donated on behalf of the parental units.
    Thanks for the plug.

  6. yay for baby chicks!

    of course, i would prefer to donate a turtle but, you know, they are just cool and don’t really contribute anything excepting that they hold up the world and all. :)

  7. I gave a pig as well, for I believe that no child should go without knowing the greatness of bacon.

  8. Aw, dag. I am sorry to find out about this *after* my donation to Heifer; an eighty buck donation would have rocked way harder than forty.

    But heck, might as well go spend another twenty, even if I am broke. I ain’t need-a-goat broke. Thanks for the heads up!