Technorati Finally Catches Up With My “Hate Mail” Cover

Note my Technorati Authority ranking today:

I’m not trying to use my Internet presence for evil. It just happens.

Also, unrelated: This is the 5,000th Whatever post on the site, according to my WordPress backend counter. There have actually been more, since posts before March of 2002 are not on the site. But no matter how you slice it: Damn. It’s a lot.

8 Comments on “Technorati Finally Catches Up With My “Hate Mail” Cover”

  1. Technorati has been broken for me in quite a few ways, for a while now. I can’t delete sites from my profile or add them. They go into eternal waits for ‘review’.

    Their commenting system at their site requires giving up external credentials to log in and comment. A technorati login wont do it. So odd.

    I’m just a dude with some blogs that don’t get much traffic so maybe that plays into it, but the difficulty I’ve had using the site makes me less sure of their ability to do things correctly which means I wonder about their numbers.

    Not that this isn’t funny – but I was being exasperated with them again just this morning.

  2. Some people are born to evil, some achieve evil, and some have evil thrust upon them.

    And for some, it is all three.

  3. so if scalzi is more evil than evil does that make all of us more or less than the average, ordinary minions of evil?