Seriously, I Don’t Even Know Where to Begin With This One

Except to say that if you like typefaces — I mean, really like them — you need to see this.

There, your “WTF?” tanks should now be all filled up for today.

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  1. Well yeah, that fills the WTF tank for about a month. On the other hand, it also makes me glad there was no Youtube or other easily accessible video technology when I was younger. Our weird ideas like this stayed in our heads or were shared only with small groups of the similarly weird.

  2. That was totally and completely hilarious; of course I really dig typefaces.

    One problem though, I only just rid of the earworm from the last Lady Gaga parody. You not nice person.


  3. @Penrefe: No. What’s really wrong is that watching this made me want to go and typeset something.

  4. This is the most hysterical thing I’ve seen this week. I think I need to get out more.

    Honestly, it’s brilliant. Good looking font, actually. Nice beards!

    — Penny

  5. I completely get this. And the line “even when it’s bold italic” just made me think of the travesty that Goudy Old Style becomes… I know I’m beyond help.

  6. I get it. I love it. The perfect thing to see after I spending all afternoon editing and typesetting documents for a co-worker.

  7. I think I’m in love. This may be the most amazing thing I’ve seen in quite a while.

    Yes, I know I’m a geek.

  8. Oh, sweet gods, yes. I so get this video. It’s definitely one that will demonstrate who the font anoraks are versus the rest of the crowd. But I did better than random chance at the Font or Cheese quiz for more reasons than haunting Berkeley Cheese Co-op every chance I get.

  9. Hey, they mention Orson Scott Card in it, so right there, it gets extra points from me. Frankly, it’s odd and borderline disturbing, and I give it a 7.

  10. Actually, I just watched the Lady GaGa version, and I’m increasing the score for these guys to an 8. The LGG one gets a 5, mostly because of the well-trained Great Danes.

  11. I’m not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that the font geeks I know are not this chic.


  12. “Poker Face” just must be One of Those Plastic Songs that everyone can adapt. Molly Lewis’s “Poker Face” just lost earworm status to this.

    Have you ever sang the Marine Corps Hymn to the tune of “My Darling Clementine”?

  13. Thank you.

    That was so awesomely … screwed up. And I mean that in the best “I’m really not sure what to to think about that” way.

    Need cool internet tidbits to show friends? Go visit John Scalzi. Always come away satisfied.

  14. OMFG, I must be warped because I just love that.

    Gives a whole new meaning to grotesque. It’s well slanted and has plenty of leg. The counter spaces are just amazing. Stop me before I pun again.

    Or as I once told a client when I worked in studio, “No thanks, we’re all full up on crazy today.”

  15. I haven’t even answered my first email of the day and my eyes are already bleeding. I will admit that you warned me and I didn’t listen. I think I need a second cup of coffee.

  16. Not sure whether I’m more amazed by the song or the facial hair. I admire a guy who’s willing to walk around rocking a handlebar mustache and full beard like it’s 1872. Don’t think I could ever kiss him, though. I’d be too busy laughing.

  17. Dude, I just paused Blue October’s Chameleon Boy for that… AND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

  18. This is perfect for the third day of “three articles in three days.” May I say the most WTF part of it is that it is so GOOD. The production values are very high for the music, the photography, acting, dancing, everything. WTF?

  19. WTF tank full, check. Spit take meter pegged, check.
    Now cleaning the desk area and monitor, check…

  20. That’s better than “Nutria Face.”

    Seriously, the MP3 in my head is now alternating between this, the Molly Lewis version, and the Hampster Dance (don’t ask). The first thing I thought was, “Wow, that’s hilarious and meticulous!” The second thing I thought was, “Wow, those folks really, really like fonts. Especially that girl in the background. Really.” Then I thought, “Hey, did they even mention sans serif?” and I checked the video again to ensure that they did. Times New Roman fans will feel somewhat dissed, though.

  21. Sinuous guys with beards, font-geek-speak, AND the pop earworm of 2009? Awesomecakes.

    I had no idea that there were so many artsy geeks out there who LOVE Lady Gaga. See also: Focus Tape from the Santa Fe Opera Electricians. Great lighting, but sadly, they had to feature one very flat guy front and centre in the vocal mix.

    I wonder what the next batch of hairy guys will do with Bad Romance?

  22. I… I… [shakes head back and forth vigorously]

    That… was altogether geeky… and BEARDY… and… AWESOME.

    True story: I just explained the concept of kerning to my 12 year old daughter earlier today. I also explained that Comic Sans is only used by evil clowns.