Daily Archives: December 3, 2009

And Thus Was Scurvy Vanquished At the Scalzi Compound

Fresh from Louisiana, a gift of satsumas, a tangerine-like fruit, from a very kind Whatever reader who thought I and the family might enjoy them. And so we are. The fellow who sent them may announce himself if he wishes (I tend not to name names unless given explicit permission), but suffice to say his […]

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Aspiring Writer Stockholm Syndrome

One of the things I’m finding interesting — and by interesting, I mean appalling — about my recent thumping upon Black Matrix Publishing for paying an insultingly low fifth a cent a word for its stories is that there’s a category of aspiring writer who appears genuinely offended that I would call out this company […]

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The Worst (Major) Science Fiction Films of The Decade

Let’s start the decade retrospectives, shall we? And to do that, I’m sending you over to my AMC column this week, where I’m offering up my list of the worst (major) science fiction films of the last ten years. No direct-to-video or Uwe Boll-related slumming here; no, we’re going after the flicks Hollywood spent millions […]

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