Sunday Updatery

First, thanks to everyone who sent good wishes and prayers yesterday; I appreciate it.

Second, spending Sunday doing things other than being here. I might pop in later tonight during Athena’s basketball practice but otherwise, I’ll catch you tomorrow. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much; I’ve been exceptionally boring the last couple of days. Promise.

4 Comments on “Sunday Updatery”

  1. I found your blog and started reading it….I think I googled the word whatever cos I was bored or something, but then I found out you have interviews with some of my favorite authors. (Scott Westerfeld FTW!) About two weeks into reading your blog, I went to my library and decided to read something you’d written. They only have one of your books, Zoe’s Tale. I read it and loved it, but was disappointed they didn’t have more. =( Awesome blog though, and I am now on an epic quest to find your other novels in various libraries. xD

    None of this has anything to do with your post though. xP

  2. @Nicole #1 Your local library should be able to get you books through inter-library loan or is that what you meant by “epic quest to find you rother novels in various libraries”?

  3. I found this site after reading “Old Man’s War”, Wikipediaed his name and there was a link to Whatever…Been hooked ever since, extremely addicting, careful.

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