Lounge Cat is Lounge-tastic

Zeus shows you how it gets done. You really do have to admire his form.

16 Comments on “Lounge Cat is Lounge-tastic”

  1. That is nice form. We’ll hope his next move isn’t to roll onto his back and off the couch.

    Unless it’s onto Ghlaghghee’s head.


  2. It’s really quite an elegant position. The full extension of the front paw is particularly impressive. While leaving him able to maintain a state of complete lethargic delight, it allows him to both give the impression of impending movement and secure the most space for himself.

    This masterful repose will of course be ruined when the uncomprehending dog approaches, post water imbibing, to investigate the status of the cat.

  3. I just remembered that we had a cat briefly (she showed up, had kittens, and skedaddled) when growing up who looked a lot like Zeus.

    Amusingly, her name was Athena.

  4. I’ve currently got a cat that is the spitting image of Zeus.

    Wait a minute… that’s really a picture of my cat on Cassie’s recliner isn’t it!?

  5. @Xopher 11
    The fact that the lounge cat doesn’t play piano is actually an advantage for the cat. To say nothing about the singing.
    There’s a reason calling someone a cool cat is such a complement.

  6. He really does know how to relax. I love it. We are hopefully (crossing fingers that my son isn’t allergic!) getting a cat soon and they copious pictures of cat cuteness can begin!

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