Here’s Your Five Minute Ration of Sunshine For A Stormy Day

And it was going before I got up the stairs to upload the pictures. Meanwhile, 30 mile an hour wind gusts and other various delights. But no snow! So that’s something. I may not have to eat one of the pets after all. Unless one of them annoys me.

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  1. I walked the dog in Warren, Michigan at 6:00 this morning in rain and wind and a little sleet and decided it was not a good idea to drive to Toledo for work today, instead working from home. Now I’m seeing the same thing John’s seeing and I’m sure they’re mocking me at the office for being too lazy.

  2. I walked through 14″ snow this morning in NE Iowa to get to work. Even my dog went outside this morning and said “Hell no, we’re not going for a walk.”

  3. @ #4: I spent the night at my gas clerk job in Ames (central Iowa for the geographically uninformed) and got to watch the road crews race against futility the whole time. When it was getting towards dawn and the dump trucks started hauling away what had been piled up during the night, they were filling 10-12 trucks per block per street. Me, I had enough of a time just keeping the store’s front walk clear. Start at one end, make it to the other, and the place I started is covered again.

  4. You don’t really want to do that anyway. Carnivores tend to taste nasty (roof rabbit comments notwithstanding). You’re out in the country, there must be some cows or something you could track down and poach.

  5. Here in central Pennsylvania we got five inches of snow, followed by rain. I was out shovelling in the rain (ick!) and dumped a shovelful right on top of a rabbit who’d been snuggled up in the flowerbed. My German shepherd had been helping me, and he was thrilled! He now thinks we should shovel snow and chase rabbits every morning, I’m afraid.

  6. People are suffering all over…

    for instance it’s a chilly 65F (18C) here in Alpharetta, GA (just north of Atlanta). We had some rain last night but it is clear & sunny now. It’s supposed to be colder this weekend–maybe even dropping to the low 40s. But it is going to warm up again in a few days–they are expecting it to be in the mid-upper 50s through Christmas. We don’t typically get our winter storm (singular) until February–generally 1″ of snow or less.

  7. Tom @12: you are evil.

    it’s 6 degrees in Omaha, -10 below wind chill. we have snow piled and drifted everywhere. My grill out on the deck is buried.

    meanwhile, my daughter in Phoenix is suffering like you are. 50 degrees etc. I’m rewriting the will.

  8. Ok guys, knock it off. It’s getting down into the 30’s here, which I realize doesn’t sound too bad, but my apartment has no insulation. I’ll bet your houses do, and it makes a major difference, believe me.

    (My bottle of 19-yr-old Tomatin arrived yesterday.
    Good stuff! The inner me has the means to be cozy and warm now.)

  9. Very cold, very windy, and a looming water main break, oh joy. City knew it was leaking for the the past six weeks and did nothing. Temps tonight in the low 20s, so it’ll probably be broken and flooding and freezing all over after dark. Oh, yeah, and then some snow. I hate Cleveland.

  10. High winds in the northern Cincinnati area–a couple loud cracks suggesting downed trees; power later was out for an hour and a half. Back on now, though. Could be worse–I’m glad I don’t live in Iowa right now. Stay warm Iowans!

  11. Buncha lightweights. Here in Rochester it’s 40 and raining… but, um…

    Sorry, I guess I have no retort.

  12. Phiala @ 8 – ALL German Shepards chase rabbits like it’s their job…actually, I think it’s in the fine print of their job description – you know, one of parts that ISN’T included in the owner’s manual.

    My shepards never left a bunny, or a cat for that matter, unpursued.

  13. With an EyeFi card you wouldn’t need to wait to be upstairs to have those pics loaded to the computer. I’ve had a 4 gig card for 2 years now and love it. Wireless transmission of my pics once within range, yeah, I dig it.

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