Judge Sn in the Flesh; TGE Review in Realms of Fantasy

Subterranean Press zipped over to me a couple of early copies of the “Judge Sn Goes Golfing” chapbook so I could pet them and love them and rub my scent all over them (okay, that last bit was more than you needed to know), and I have to say I am delighted with how they’ve turned out. They look great, and by “great” I mean holy cow look at me I got a story illustrated by Gahan Wilson. In collaboration terms that’s a little like having Eddie Van Halen drop by your home studio to give song chorus you’ve been working on a little extra push. I’m so happy I could just plotz. You’ll know what I mean when you get it.

This reminds me that I’ve had a couple of questions about the length of “Judge Sn.” It’s 32 pages plus the cover, which is signed by me on the inside back. It’s the sort of thing designed specifically for fans and collectors, rather than the general public, which is why there’s a limited number of them out there. I think it’s worth the cost, but then I would. Heck, I think it’s worth it for the Gahan Wilson illustrations alone. Have I mentioned how geeked out I am about them? Well, I am.

Moving from “Judge Sn” to The God Engines, Paul Witcover reviewed TGE in the February Realms of Fantasy magazine (out now at news stands). I won’t reprint the whole thing here — hey, go buy a copy of the magazine, man — but here’s a nice pull quote:

[G]rippingly dark and subversive… though The God Engines is indisputably a work of fantasy, it is simultaneously a brutal critique of fantasy, a searing evisceration of the valuation of blind faith and magical thinking that underlies so much of the genre, at least at its most popular and mindless.

The whole review is actually very interesting (albeit with spoilers, which I suspect are unavoidable with this particular work), so check it out if you can.

12 Comments on “Judge Sn in the Flesh; TGE Review in Realms of Fantasy”

  1. Big congrats. Looks fun.

    “a searing evisceration of the valuation of blind faith and magical thinking that underlies so much of the genre…”

    Does that mean you used some enlightened, scientifc thinking in this story? Which I would expect.

    What is humanity without blind faith?

    Dear Santa,

    Would you please bring me some glasses so I can see the world without blind faith? Please oh please.

    Yours Forever,


  2. @DG Lewis: No, that’s what I thought it was supposed to be. I’d be interested in knowing if there was anyone with the geek *plus* classicist points to read it as “Judge Stannum”, though.

    @scalzi: That review snippet got you an Amazon pre-order. Strong pimp hand, sir.

  3. @DG Lewis: There are, at least, 3 of us.

    @chaos: It’s a plumbum-pipe cinch that there aren’t many! (and I’m not one of them. You, sir, are an inspiration!)

  4. TGE has a bloody amazing cover!!!
    Is it out already also in the UK? If so, I hope Forbidden Planet has it in stock, as I’m going to pay a visit this end of week… ;)

  5. Cool, just put in a couple of pre-orders at Subterranean Press. Just a little Christmas present for myself!

  6. Does this mean I can expect my pre-ordered-months-ago copy to arrive soon? Yay!

    I’m pretty sure I specified unscented, though.

  7. This post cost me $45…I just ordered my LI God Engines; my first Limited Edition book purchase ever! Yay!

    So, like, put some special Spanish on it, Scalzi. For old time’s sake, you know?