Daily Archives: December 11, 2009

Helping Out Peter Watts

Peter Watts, the Hugo-nominated author of Blindsight, is in an interesting (and by “interesting” I mean “bad”) predicament thanks to an incident at the US/Canada border, and may need some help. Here are the details, from Watts’ friend, writer David Nickle: Hugo-award-nominated science fiction author Dr. Peter Watts is in serious legal trouble after he […]

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Well, AM I?!?

Someone just opened a profile for me on AmIAnnoying.com. You can go vote if you want. I did. I voted “yes.” Because, damn. Sometimes, if I didn’t have to live with me every day, I’d just slap the crap out of myself. The only thing I object to is the person submitting me has me […]

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Fanzines, Semiprozines, Best Related Work, Whatever

Over at File 770 Vincent Docherty, Hugo Award Administrator for AussieCon 4, discusses in some detail as to whether blogs and Website are eligible for consideration in the Best Fanzine and Best Semiprozine categories (if they meet the general criteria of either category). The short answer appears to be yes, although I really do suggest […]

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