Well, AM I?!?

Someone just opened a profile for me on AmIAnnoying.com. You can go vote if you want. I did. I voted “yes.” Because, damn. Sometimes, if I didn’t have to live with me every day, I’d just slap the crap out of myself.

The only thing I object to is the person submitting me has me in a category called “weak chins.” Hey, now. My chin isn’t weak. It just doesn’t feel the need to get into everyone’s face, starting with mine.

35 Comments on “Well, AM I?!?”

  1. sorry, you’re going to have to do better than that. It just doesn’t feel like you’re heart is into being truly annoying. maybe you could try harder?

    Also, I’m dissapointed to vote but not see the tally results anywhere. Did I miss them somewhere?

  2. if you have a weak chin, all you need to do is grow a beard like i did. makes you look all manly and bursting with testosterone!

  3. I voted “Not”, because, well, I don’t think you are. I enjoy the fact that you don’t sugarcoat things and are fully prepared to call people on their bullshit. And I’ll second the beard comment, perhaps even a goatee.

  4. ah, so it is.

    Can I vote for the “amiannoying.com” website being annoying? even the most basic voting sites I’ve seen know once you’ve voted and show you the voting results of the vote you just voted on. I think taking you to a random new vote while showing you the results of the previous vote is, well, annoying.

  5. Actually what I find kind of interesting about that amiannoying entry is that the “annoying” traits are about personality and criticizing and the “not annoying” traits are about achievements mostly. Maybe that’s just me.

  6. I voted no. If you try harder, I may change my vote next year, but for now, you just don’t make the cut. I am too busy being annoyed by Jon and Kate, various strangers in public places, and my two dogs. (If you smear drool on my clothes, I will be totally annoyed, but if you look cute enough while doing it, I’ll probably forgive you.)

  7. Yeah, you can be quite annoying. But it isn’t as if you don’t warn people, and you aren’t annoying all the time like some folks I know.

    Besides, if you were an agreeable suck-up all the time, Whatever wouldn’t be near as interesting.

  8. I voted “yes”, because, dude, you know you want to be the most annoying person ever on that site.

  9. Geeze, there are 48 pages of listings, 25 listings per page, just for the A’s.

    That’s a LOT of quiz!

  10. I’ll need to see your original Birth Cerificate LONG FORM before I can say if you’re legitmately annoying or not.

  11. Yes.

    But, hey, Jack in the Box is polling as twice as annoying as you, which sounds just about right to me.

    On the positive, you are amusing, and occasionally illuminating, I never find Jack to be either.

  12. I went with ‘no’ because the reasons behind the ‘annoying’ were kind of low on the irritation scale- unless you are an aspiring SF writer that habitually submits manuscripts to crappy paying pseudo-publishers I mean.

  13. Wow, I’m going through the list of names on that site to vote for/against/don’t care. Every single one so far has been “don’t care”. Now, I’d vote “not” for Scalzi.

  14. From site: (May 10, 1969- )

    Whenever I see someone write up a “Lived ….” entry on WP or the like, and they leave the second date blank, it seems to me like the author of the article is just waiting for the concerned to buy the farm.

    I don’t know much about the person who put you up on this website, sir, but I’d watch out for the guy. He seems as though he may be dangerous.

  15. I voted for you being annoying, not for any of the reason they listed, but because your smarter and more popular than me. I am an egomaniac with an inferiority complex.

  16. Only 36-odd percent thought you were annoying.

    You’re just not working hard enough at it, I guess.

  17. I voted no. Mainly because, to be annoying, you have to impose your presence on people somehow. Where as for me to be annoyed by you, I’d still have to willfully come to your blog. And if it annoyed me, why would I do that.

  18. Scalzi – you’re so annoying that you made me buy both Judge Sn and God Engines! ;-)

    (The Judge as doing my part for Peter Watts, and God Engines because, well, I was on the site and all…)

  19. Yes, you are annoying…ly good at writing.
    Just my opinion, not trying to suck up. Although that whole bacon/cat thing was bizarre.

  20. well, this question depends on a variety of factors.

    1. have i had any starbucks hot chocolate?
    2. have i had any diet dr. pepper?
    3. is it raining?
    4. has scalzi posted on twitter yet?
    5. are there sufficient pics of kid, cats, dog this week on whatever?
    7. are people still complaining about something that scalzi wrote and explained sufficiently about a dozen times?
    8. did you notice that there was no number six.
    9. is it way past my bedtime?
    10. have i gotten sucked back into sg:u?

    if 1 = yes: no, scalzi is not annoying.
    if 2 = yes: no, scalzi is not annoying.
    if 3 = yes: yes, scalzi is annoying (but to be fair so is every other creature on the planet because i probably have a headache).
    if 4 = no: scalzi is not only annoying he has personally caused the intrawebz to assplode.
    if 5 = no: no, scalzi is not annoying to me just a little remiss, but i’m sure others think he is extremely annoying.
    if 7 = yes: no, scalzi is not annoying but those other people sure are.
    if 8 = yes: well good for you. here’s a cookie. and some pie. and some bacon. :)
    if 9 = yes: again, everyone is annoying and it’s best to just smile and nod cause cranky turtle is cranky.
    if 10 = yes: yes, scalzi is annoying because it’s all completely and entirely his fault.

  21. I voted annoying but you’re only annoying in that way that one of my oldest friends Mike is. Which is good.